Good Morning Valencia! We are leaving.:) At 9 a.m. we were preparing to unmoor ,but of course the office is closed at this time…I went slowly with the entry cards towards the office and I hoped that it would have been opened by that time I got there. I was wrong, called the phone number which was written down on the door and I said we would go. 10 minutes later a guy rode there and opened me the office. I gave him back the cards and I would have returned to the ship ,my Darling came to pick me up…. That’s my Husband! 🙂

A few hours’ sailing started….the weather was nice ,we were listening to the music and I had enough time to plan everything in advance. The lunch was pizza because we can eat it easily “without vomit”…you know during the sailing being inside the cabin is not so funny because make you sick to your stomach.:) The journey was boring ,we found nothing else special,but only these pictures here.

We had arrived at the chosen port by 3:30p.m.. I call it like this way graciously,anyway ….it is a dirty dump.:D We were afraid of the low depth so that the bottom of the ship wouldn’t reach the sea-bed. My Darling didn’t dare to go among to the other ships of which sizes were not similar to Kundalini. The entry was so narrow that only the fishing ships could pass in. We decided to stop at the petrol station outside the port and tanked the ship. In my opinion it hasn’t been developed for 150-200 years.:) The jetty is full of shit  ( seagull shit you can see everywhere)and if you see the petrol station much closer ,it is not so dependable….I was afraid there was no card reader and we couldn’t pay. Then it was a pleasing disappointment because I talked to a guy who worked there and rented a jetski. It was released that he practices yoga as well…:) Well….There is yoga everywhere!

After tanking we decided to discover the port by Dinghy inside too,perhaps we could pass there…

It is shocking and ruinous…and so on I could list more features ,this place is so anachronistic. Real Club Nautico Gandia…. No,thanks! We walked out and looked around ,but we found only an indoor pool.This is only one was cool ,but only in summer and only for club members.:D Well, nothing special. We can’t moor here ,I feel that I want to leave this place!

We returned to Kundalini which was on the petrol station and went away by common assent. This place is a nightmare!

An another 15NM sailing started towards a port which is not on the list. At first I talked to them by phone  saying the 7 p.m. arrival. They replied they welcome us. It seemed the journey had been short ,I haven’t noticed we have sailed so much.

If you have felt so large contrast within a day…you will undestand what to feel when we got this dreamful,extra big,well-equipped port where the staff can speak English.:)

A kind guy helped us to moor then we went by Dinghy to the captaincy of the port because it was opened till 8 p.m.. I got out at the office, I arranged everything ,by the time I came out ,the sun had set.:)

Dinner time …we had the uneaten baguett and took a shower.Marina is beautiful …it is so well-made ,today’s long journey was worth. 🙂

We took the laundry to the laundromat and while we were washing hair ,taking a shower ,the clothes were washed. When we finished ,I put everything to the dryer and of course I had to take them again at 10 p.m. I have been very tired of today’s journey,but my Darling fell asleep firstly. I did the washing up,tidied  returning back to deck. Later around 11 p.m. I also went bed. It will be the most peaceful night … I wish you would have similar!