In the morning we woke up because the alarm clock rang ,but I was smiling because I knew that today we are having a short journey and we don’t have to hurry up.:) That’s why I went back to bed and I woke up before 9 a.m .My Darling was reading outside meanwhile. As I had got up ,we started ,I could dress on.:)

It was counted when we have to arrive there because there is a bridge in front of the port which is opened up in only second hour. So we hurried up to catch the midday’s bridge opening.

The 3-hour journey passed fast. We had pudding with tea for breakfast. I could hardly relax a bit ,we got at the port of Tomás Maestre.  We had to pass through a long buoy line till the port where there was traffic jam in both sides.:)It was fairly similar to Korinthos-channel or north part of Lefkada. Here the depth was sensitive . I fretted myself  during that time to stay halfway ,however there is oncoming traffic and keeping right rule here  as well…

It was funny that the buildings were barely few metres from us …but we got off  this enty. We peered at oncomings ,but we are always the main attraction.:D

I was delighted to have got through the most part of it. Then I used the radio ,but there was no answer… After the 3.crack ,I phoned them when I could find somebody who can speak English. We were ordered to wait for 5 minutes near the petron station until they prepared us the place…of course among the big ships.


Our kind helpers and neighbours could see a perfect “last moor” in April.:) The place is suitable for us ,there are no charters who can’t guide the ship  and water activity isn’t either. It is suitable that Kundalini stay here until we are not on the deck.

When we had moored, we packed everything from outside and jumped into Dinghy. Me and my Darling went to search the captaincy in this huge harbour.We could do the paperwork ,then back to the deck. I made a pancake for lunch ,then we started to pack the things for good. I tidied the forecastle packing all the luggage and I arranged our transfer to the airport of Alicante. I am super,aren’t I?:D

I decorated a bit Dinghy’s buffer as well..


My Darling tidied everything in the cockpit,then he gave to me the things which have to be packed. I arranged the last laundry meanwhile ,the only thing we have to find the laundromat.) After we had finished packing ,I packed the hair washing set and we walked to the baths. It is ok,but we couldn’t find any washing machine..

After the full hair washing ,we returned to the ship and we started to make dinner together.:) It was gone off well,wasn’t it?


Now relax is coming. My Darling was watching a series while I was doing the washing up and took the bedclothes.I had been waiting until he finished wathing the first epizode ,then we started to watch a movie.:)