Early waking ,a little muesli for breakfast and we unmoored. 🙂 At last we are leaving!

Everything went without a hitch,our journey was calm until Cambrils..  except we had to go across the freighter traffic zone. Those huge ships were very closed to us ,but in essence it happened nothing special during our 3-4-hour journey.

Maybe I can mention only one thing… tanking a ship during the journey.

The weather is nice …. we are getting closer and closer the port of Cambrilsi.

It is 11:40, we got the destination. I checked in the port via radio and we got all the necessary information for mooring. R3 jetty part, waving mooring boy at place 041.. My Darling had to park between two ships ,it can be said as if it had been art. Since the other jetty part was so close in the opposite site and the port was full of mooring ships..this parking was so great. My Darling parked Kundalini in a small place without a wink of the eyelid! The puffers were crushed in both sides between the ships,but it makes the ship fix enough.

It was a challange to take the mooring ropes forward because they were so heavy that I could hardly lift them up.My Darling came to tie them then we thanked the help and set up the power on the coast. We arrived!! 🙂

After all we walked to the captaincy to arrange the regular things. This port is much more developed and more beautiful than the all where have been so far. The whole port is very modern and clear!


We are hungry and should cook something ….we decided to have a welcome lunch in a cosy Italian restaurant. I ate this tasty pasta with local red wine and sweet beer. I haven’t eaten so tasty Italian food for a long time!!!!! 🙂

After lunch ,we walked back to the port (it is 50 metres far )and relaxed on the deck. We were relaxing for an hour in the cockpit. The weather is nice ,the sun is shining …only the shopping left. Well, as I was walking I found plenty of treasure..

Then we went into the first shipping-clothes shop where my Darling surprised me with a Roxy purse. 🙂


We got the local supermarket and filled the missing supply ,later we returned to the ship. I bought a packet of strawberry !!! Regardless it has not had the season …..it was very tasty!


We saw a few epizodes of our favourite series ,then we took a shower . I love the place . It is very calm and I hope the night will also be nice……Have a nice evening