Hello-Hi again!:))

I try to summarize you the last week’s events,namely I have been on the deck since then. I wouldn’t start with the last month which I spent at home,some of them are party to it.:)) I uncover that I loved  being at home,I was driving  from morning till evening and I was on holiday which I never forget… I had plenty of experiences and  I blab out that I am going back home again in July,so prepare it!

Back to beginning of the day and in the present again. By the end of May me and Dani had got Kundalini. The last day which we spent at home was tiring,but everything ran smoothly. I had called taxi in advance and we got the airport in time. As we had arrived ,we checked-in and then we went through the security check, parfum sniffing and buying water +extra followed them.. Nothing but our routin. :))

After all me and Dani  went to have predinner in the best place. Firstly both of us ordered Mojito and I think we feel well ourselves after the 5. sip.

After having dinner ,we trapped a bit along the shops…Can you see the 650-euro swarowski flamingo? Well, I  homed in on it. :DDD

We heard that it was said to be end of the boarding and door closing. Oh,Jesus, we looked up the screen and  noticed our flight leaves…:D We spent well the time. We ran through the gates in order to queue up…This is normal.

The flight got off very late ,my Darling was waiting for us by a hired Kia at Alicante’s airport.Well, I thought that I took the charge and I drove until the port.:)) It happened in this way ,we packed the luggage in and started the 1,5-hour journey at night.We drove on the highway all along telling each other the stories.I can’t believe that I drove so much…Only next day I could see that my husband bronzed well in Africa ,my lovely sweet. :))

After we had got the ship , clinked glasses and then had dinner together. Taking shower,go to bed ,next day arrived.Nowadays my Darling goes to gym to the coast in the mornings,I was still not awake when he returned.:))He took fresh pastry with himself as well.! Me and Dani  could get up slowly and we welcomed the day with a common breakfast in the bright sun.

After all we left to do the shopping in the closest shop . We packed the car full and we could refill the supply of the ship for a while.:))  (Yes, this is the photo next to the bin! )


Relax….nothing to do almost whole day.


In the evening we went to the shore by Dinghy, walked a bit and saw the sunset.

The next days are abstruse because mostly we did almost the same. Shopping,cleaning,tidying,mending,cooking,series in the evening Xbox,relax and similar events in turn. :))

Of course we found a lovely shop where everything is found ,we bought here some new gifts..

I show Mango,the little rabbit and the other members of my family with Mum together. :))

Fancsi,Pingi,Manu and Mango. Everyone has got a story…but I speak of them only for request. :))

We could get a hammock too which my Darling set up the most comfortable place. We love it! This is best thing to sunbath hanging . :))

What do we eat? We still eat the most delicious dishes…. These are some of them which we ate in last few days.

In the evenings promenade, shop-window…

My Darling could find some new clothes in the local “ship clothes shop”,but don’t worry,I found some new clothes as well. :))))

Meanwhile the shoes arrived which I had ordered from Barcelona, today I received it.:))I am taller than my Darling by a head,it is perfect.

My Darling and Dani were fishing at the end of the jetty.To sum up they could catch 3 fish which they trow into the sea!I didn’t let them eat them…

I am a real angel.


Tomorrow we are leaving to the big adventure.:)We are preparing,packing and soon I will come back from a new place with new experiences. Bye!