After waking up, we didn’t hurry up….relax began….Today my younger sister’s 28.birthday is!:) I wish she would be very happy and all her dreams come true! I am coming within two days to celebrate it properly!

Today we haven’t done any special ,but except for cleaning and tidying up. I made spare-rip  with mashed potatoes for lunch. It was very tasty!!!


In the afternoon when we had finished most of the things ,my Darling sat down to read while I was colouring a book.:)IMG_4857

Outside the wind is blowing by 35kilometres per hour .So we have got any choice what to do ,we watch series.:D It is like the pensioner’s  life…but I can’t say it is bad ,but I very miss going out.:)

I fried the spring rolls in the evening,but they were torn because of something… I wasn’t able to eat it because it was full of oil.My Darling wasn’t either,so the fish gorged for dinner.


At 10 o’ clock next day ,we went to an another place because it is safer for us in principle. It was our day …dinner,taking shower,sleeping.

The departure’s day arrived! The taxi had arrived by 6:45 p.m.! I am very excited.:)My Darling has made me the breakfast today….imagine I ate all!


At 10:00 a.m.,we went to place 10. by the ship ( it is said to go where)and we moored Kundalini. My Darling rode Dinghy behind the ship which we attached well to one side of the ship. This place is much better! It is  wide and nobody touches our side. AT LAST.

Our neighbours travels by a small ship (older English people)and they start to communicate with us .They asked us how much distance the ship had passed …then they were suprised where we had started from. It will be a long journey to get Karib Islands.:)

After mooring I was packing  inside while my Darling was cleaning the ship outside….then he told me to come because I should see something !!!! Oh my God …….I couldn’t believe my eyes.


I could almost cry because it was so cute…..I went to the shore immediately and the man gave me it. Its name is Coco,it is 1,5 year old. Well,I don’t mind ….it is very tiny and soft.:D I love it!

After I hugged the tiny tot ,I took fast the content of the fridges to a sack and I brought it to our neighbours  who were very glad to get it. It is 2 p.m.,it is the time to go to have lunch. Me and my Darling walked to the restaurants …but before it ,we went to a ship-clothes shop. HÚÚÚÚHAA!!! There are so many beautiful clothes here,that it is impossible to not buy anything.:D

My Darling found immediately what to buy. He is so sexy to wear his new T-shirts,that I can find any word to say . I like him!:) I also found some clothes for me …so we celebrated this month with some new clothes.:)

After all,we walked back with our bags to the deck,then we started again to go to the restaurants.:) My Darling ate pasta ,I ate chicken breast as usual …


It is 4p.m., walking back to the deck ….but we said goodbye to the sea for a month.

We started to do the last things …I write my “last” note and then I will say goodbye before the taxi arrives here .You will hear from me/us in the beginning of June next time, I will be at home during this time. My Darling will be in Africa…and as usual I will miss him .Then we are going to meet here in the end of May.

I wish everybody would have wonderful spring and be happy because the life is nice!