I made an application last evening in order not to leave the port at 8 o’clock bridge opening, but at 10 o’clock.:))It succeeded. At 8:30 a.m.,we are awake. We had cereals with milk for breakfast, then I took a bottle of isotonic drink for each person for the travelling. Succesfully, we left few minutes earlier than 10 a.m.,the bridge was lifted up in time, we were the first who could go under it.:))

We are on the sea again..it is our first journey this year when three of us are travelling together. This month will also be full of adventures certainly.

In the first period of our journey, the weather was nice, calm sea and peaceful breeze accompanied us..

However,few hours later, I didn’t like the situation at all. Bigger and bigger waves were coming and I noticed Dani was not fine. His face was getting pale and he would vomit soon. Not so much time spent, Powerade was coming back, then he sat back to the captain seat to look the view,perhaps it would be better…. Well, it wouldn’t be better and when I was cleaning his vomit, I felt at the badroom platform, something was not ok.some minutes later, I felt sick and I also vomitted. =)

We got so close to the destination..when we caught sight a ship, which obviusly didn’t go anywhere, moreover, a huge cliff  ran along us… We had some calls on the radio, it was released that they called us, I got in touch with them right now.

Unfortunately,something broke down on their ship, the engine stopped and they were adrift towards the cliffs. I didn’t envy them at all, but few minutes later, I didn’t envy ourselves either…since we went to their relief immediately. I took the life jackets, my Darling found the ropes, Dani tried to survive because meanwhile so huge waves were coming from all the directions to have been good in it….Imagine.We were relaxing, then one minute later, I talked to a Spanish man about how we would rescue them.

Meanwhile, everything sloped to right and left. Striving against the elements, our stomach and the whole situation is so familiarly tragical. We were in same situation once-twice and we could rely on only good luck.

These people had so much luck because we were coming there. If we had left according to my Darling ‘s plan, I don’t know who would have helped them.. It is possible that they crashed into the riverwall within 20 minutes. While we were rescuing them, rescue ship didn’ t come for them. We trew a fender which we fixed onto a long mooring rope and they had to get out tumbling against the waves .Miracle of all miracles,the captain quasi caught it immediately and we linked the two ships. Towage is begun, the rope is tightened,which sounds terrible.

On the deck they are trying to mend the problem of the engine ,me and Dani are thinking about vomiting.:)))) The situation is terrible. I wish nobody would go through such a thing. Dani is kneeling astern, the waves are getting higher ,I pushed him and joined him to vomit. Meanwhile people on the deck of the dragged ship can see it.:D I point them that I am fine. I am laughing despite the fact that my tears and spit are slavering.The situation is so tragicomic that I am laughing and waiting for its end. After 5 NM we could start the engine and so we could separated our ship from theirs. We reared. We spoke via radio to meet in the port in order to get back our buffer. At last Cartagena…..I called them via radio and we were travelling in peaceful sea,luckily, we were welcomed in a fairly safe place.

I can’t believes my eyes that I am standing on solid ground….despite the fact that I have a sore throat because of gastric acid,I am glad that all have ended at last. I walked into the port captaincy and arranged my paper work. Meanwhile, I clapped my eyes on the rescued ship and its crew ,then I walked into them. That was a very heart-stirring moment for me since the captain hugged me immediately and he thanked me the rescue ,the other one kissed my hand hanging down from the ship and gave me our buffer. I suggested them that they  should come round our ship and clink glasses for the shock. They replied they would come,but after all we didn’t see them any more…

I walked back to the ship and my Darling was making hamburgers.It was very tasty ,then I took some dessert and we relaxed.:))

Dani and me decided to visit the city despite today’s shock. Then we didn’t expect what happened after this.:) It became a two-hour fairy trip. Unexpected events happened. There was an elevator in which we got by chance and it stopped in front of a castle then as we stepped out , they were locking the iron gate.  There was a peacock in the castle’s garden,later we realised there were more ones. The secret small stairs lead us down to the old city’s theatre where we bumped into a tourist group leading by a tour guide and moreover there was a souvenir vendor as if  he would have been Pablo Escobar’s sibling….:D I loved the whole thing!

The gifts from which I could take 1-2 pieces….:)

And moreover I did yoga in Cartagena as well! 🙂

It is nearly 9.00 p.m.,it is still not dark..me and Dani returned to the ship. My Darling was relaxing and managing the affairs meanwhile. After the light dinner,everyone goes to their own cabin being tired. Taking shower and go to bed…tomorow we are go ahead.

Kiss for everybody!