Good Morning! The ship was rolling at night. I wouldn’t add anything to it. Unfortunately, tonight will be the same because we are staying another night and are going to discover Portofino. 🙂 Tomi made very tasty scambled eggs with the usual tea.


The boys got up early because Darling wanted to make sure we haven’t got any better option than this place at the moment. We went to Portofino and returned to the bay of Margherita because the situation is a bit better here. So the morning was so busy.

After breakfast we started to plan. We have plenty of things to plan. We start with path… We got Ibiza  from where I will have probably flown home by Christmas.  Soon our guests will arrive again and we have to prepare for their arrival as well. Now we are sailing to Nizza where they are going to arrive in a week.

We were using our computer almost until 2 p.m. then we recollected ourselves and me and Darling went to discover Portofino by dinghy. 🙂 I can’t say it was easy because there were huge wave agaisnt us at least 2- village distance away.  Literally, it was surfing on the waves. However, the view  compensated us for our effort. This is a another wonderful village. It would have been pity that day!

We took some drone photos by Mavic ( its way is always looked at by a hundred pair of eyes) ,which were beautiful.

We went to the local confectionery too to taste the local delicacies …..then we looked around enough ,walked back to the tyre service and returned. It was a bit easier to come along by the waves.,not against them.  We were surfing on the waves again. 🙂 After all we moored  in the corner of the bay to get bread by tomorrow. We walked again,but at least today the weather is nice and I don’t cough so much. We could hardly find a bakery where there were 2 loaves of bread ,but they were so fresh ,but it is good enough now.  Walking back to dinghy ,we were taking photos meanwhile…

After we returned to Kundalini ,it passed 4 p.m. ,Tomi had been already waiting for us with lunch . We  engorged the tasty Hungarian paprika potato and free time activity started. Everyone went to be alone and arranged their doings. 🙂

Tomorrow we decided to moor in Genova because another strong wind storm is coming. 😀 it is clear. We were hiding for some days from ‘jihad’. It is 7 p.m. ,the blog is written ,the photos are uploaded ,but I haven’t finished my doings yet .Darling started to bake cookies around 10 p.m….He is so cute,he made me linzer with marmelade.Of course I helped him a bit to put them onto the oven pan. Anyway I can say I have so creative husband. There is neither bakeboard nor rolling pin on the deck. He replace them with a chopping board and the pipe of the hoover .! 😀 By midnight the cookies were ready and it was very delicious. Tomorrow all will be eaten …. IMG_3447Have a nice evening! =)