We got up early again in the morning . Breakfast,tidying and leaving! All had gone smoothly….  Sunshine, 20 Celcius degree and wind! It is the perfect time to sail.

The time passed fast while we were listening to the music outside. So my mood became better. I don’t disturb anybody if I sing my favourite songs!!:)

It took us few hours to get the port of las Fuentes. I called them by phone at first to arrive then via radio. The place seemed quite normal outwardly ,but we got the port…we faced the fact that it was so tiny to go hardly in there. There was hardly any place between the river wall and the jetty. There was no chance to turnover! Nevertheless my Darling solve the problem immediately and backed into our place.

We had a helper and it seemed that he was the roustabout there because he worked in the office by himself.


The whole place seems as if we were in a holiday resort.:D It is similar to Lake Balaton…

The captaincy’s building is a typical cottage where there are beaches on the other side of the office.:) It was made so well. You can see the small trilateral building on the photos.

After I finished the paper work ,we had lunch and my Darling relaxed a bit. I went to the jetty to practise yoga at last. I wore short and T-shirt!!!! Then I started to discover this small village and find a corner shop. Unfortunately it is Sunday,nothing is opened. That’s why I walked on the coast aimlessly, on foot on the sand and felt the spring. The all is so beautiful….! 🙂

After sunset ,I walked back to the deck and went to have a shower ,wash my hair ,later my Darling and me watched our actual series and had dinner. 🙂 The day was not so busy,but I needed this. A little exercise and a little relax.

Now we are going to bed I think because it is so late. Tomorrow we will leave! Good night….