To be honest , I was lying in the bed all along during departure. I heard Darling sailing to tank at the petrol station … might have been at 8a.m. because the petrol station opens at this time. So I was relaxing until nobody needed me.Around 10:30 a.m. my husband came in to kiss me, I was so happy. 🙂 He told me we were getting closer to the French coasts. I am so excited!!!!  I am looking forward to speaking in French again and listening to local people talking. I collected myself and went up to the cockpit where the boys were. Today the weather is very nice ,even the sun is shining! We needn’t wear heavy coat ,the lighter one is enough. 😀 I can’t remember breakfast ,maybe I didn’t have.We ate some cookies and few apples underway. I can’t recall lunch … has been too exciting. 🙂

Some time after 11:00 a.m. we crossed the border between Italy and France. I took a photo of it.


I swear the sun is shining in my heart. =) After we had got the other side,we received text messages to be welcomed in Monaco,then in France as well. Well, I also welcome this wonderful country!

Maybe 2 hours have passed since “crossing the boarder” and we were ALMOST there where we had planned our journey.

At first I called the port by phone  then I ckecked-in channel 9 by VHF radio . They are very kind and helpful. Although we misunderstood something on the map ,( we haven’t still had French pilot book) because we got an another port and believed we went the good place. 😀  We took no notice of a hill ,anyway we were 5-minutes distance from the good place. Of course I noticed it when we entered the port and the name of the port wasn’t that it should have been…


Turning! Let’s go to the other port! I had a flaming row with Darling whether who blew it,but I don’t care.  What’s the odds? We would be happy to be here. 🙂 Nizza’s port is huge enough ,since luxury yachts ,ferries,cruiser ships need place.  We saw a huge yacht,which is one of the top hugest ships if I remember well.

Everything is very nice here,I am looking around and trying to consider where I am. They had  already been waiting for us and there was a small place for my “LITTLE”Kundalini between two big ships. Darling parked the ship very fast and started to arrange the paper work at the office. I was waiting for Darling on a swimming jetty who calledfor me by Dinghy. We hurried the other side of the port and went up the office. The whole place is very sympathic!! Tomorrow we are going to hire bikes and go to Monaco with our guests.:)

After learning all the important information,walked back to dinghy where we are to get through security control. It is very strict because of the terror attacks. Metal detector gates ,guards and vehicle queues are waiting for getting in ferries. We went back to the ship, took the laundry and started towards the laundry. I very liked the city!!!

We found the laundry at once, I went to withdraw money from an Atm,then back to the laundry and the washing started.IMG_6588

This place is very cultured. I like their system. In the next place change machines worked in order not to touch the cash and pastries.( We went to buy bread in a bakery). It is very impressive that they overdo in technology than us. 🙂 While the laundry was washing,we were eating a sandwich in a local buffet. IT WAS VERY VERY TASTY! Before the washing would have been ready,we walked back to the laundry,but Darling gave up waiting for us after a while because it started to dry. I was staying there to wash even twice while I was phoning.Darling went back to the ship to take it. It has already been dark,but the city is wonderful. I am looking forward to visit is next day!

I adored walking alone in the streets of Nizza and listen to some talking. I feel happiness and I could live here. 🙂 I returned to the board and I started to tidy. I hoovered,changed the bedclothes,tidy the forecastle (my gardrobe)…and our own cabin as well. After all I wrote down today’s happening and after shower I will start to practise the rule of the road . It is 9:21 p.m. I would end today with this. I will have been very tired by the time I finish it and what about dinner…. Good Night!