At 8 a.m. everyone woke up at the same time. All of us have their own task before leaving  For breakfast we had cereals. (I think there is no point because I will be hungry an hour later… ) Unfortunately we don’t have any bread  so we can’t choose what to eat. I went to the office to pay for the night,while I was phoning my younger sister and my best friend. My day starts well, they always make me happy. Darling was on a phone conference all morning, Tomi and Attila was washing the ship, while Tündi was running and doing exercises in the end of the jetty  I also joined to her with yoga.

Afterwards, me and Tündi started to make lunch (I found out that we would eat potato vegetable-dish because I love it.)

As we started to cook, I don’t joke….about 40 flies came through the window and the door. It is possible that the smell of the fried sausage attracted them into. I took the racket and killed them! Frankly, it has been in the barn last time. 😀 I love killing flies with this cool “tennis racket”. They were killed so fast…


Meanwhile I told the captain the problem and I asked him to sail at once if it was possible. Before lunch we had already left the coast and sailed away. When we were sailing  there was left only 2-3 flies, but they didn’t live for a long time. We had lunch calmly and then everyone went to have a rest a bit. At 2 p.m. we had a consultation where to stop next time. Finally we left ourselves to the wind where to go, so there was left two options.

Long, uneventful hours passed again. Taking photos of sunset….

…. Barchoba in the cockpit…. Finally we decided to go to the port of  Marina di San Vincenzo. The wind wasn’t blowing and it was dark. Meanwhile Tomi made sweet – with rice pudding-marmelade-sponge finger. About 6:30 p.m. I called the port because we would arrive and how much money a night was. Unfortunately nobody can speak English here either, so I hade to speak in Italian. By 7p.m. we were at the port and a guy had been waiting for us with a torch. He tried to explain wawing his hands at the jetty where to go. The mooring went easily, everybody took part in it. Then we went on shore and discovered the area with Darling and Tomi. We found ourselves in a beautiful town and found a very friendly playground (where I was swinging too) and there was a pizzeria next to it. We almost brought pizza by take-away, but we discussed with Tündi to eat on the deck together. Since there was left  potato vegetable- dish and paella as well, so there was left the plain cooking. We walked back to the ship and Tündi had already made the starter.It was bruscetta with lots of garlic and potatoes. Yummy! I ate about 6 slices of bread with at least same amount of garlic. We drank a little wine as well and had a great Italian evening, moreover we ate Hungarian potato vegetable-dish. 😀

It is 10p.m. we told stories, were laughing at last happenings. However, we are going to get up early in the morning because I am going to buy bread and I have to find the office of the port as well. Have a nice evening and have a similar eventful day.