We wook up for rainy morning , I didn’t want to get up ….,but according to the weather forecast it would be better in the afternoon! I made some sandwiches with tea for breakfast ,then we left. My Darling drove sleekly Kundalini out of the narrow port,then the 5-hour journey started. Today I took part more activily in sailing than before …because sometimes  I have to practice how to deal with ropes.

We arrived at port of Castellon around 2 p.m.,I had called the port earlier as usual. Although the girl can speak only her mother tongue and she can’t understand English at basic level either… Maybe I have to learn Spanish sooner or later. She promised to call me back and some minutes later she slured her words,but we will probably have a place .:))))

When we got the horrible port (but it can not be called as a port),I called the port via radio because of our arrival  and we were waiting for the harbour-master. Maybe by the third times I could speak a dude who could hardly speak English.:) “It is great.” I thought. I asked whether there was anybody who could speak English and help,however they asked back if I could speak French . 🙂 It’s my turn! “Of course” I replied ,then he started to tell me there wasn’t such a big place that’s why we had to go into the next port. Fortunately I could understand everything and we did as he told me. The port was so big that we could choose from more places. When we got the port ,lots of children were on  schoolships,they waved us ,they were so cute!:)

The water was unusually deep below us ….17 metres. Help arrived after me and my Darling had moored ,but it was not problem.  The point is we are here.:)

I started to find the office immediately where an upbeat man was waiting for me. I hardly speak Spanish ,he hardly speaks English,so we had a fun.:D We filled the forms together because he couldn’t understand them properly on his mother tongue either.:) I loved it,of course I solved that too,I paid for the night and started to do the shopping. Meanwhile my Darling was relaxing.


I spent a long time in the supermarket ,but I could get everything as a compensation we needed. I returned to the deck with so full of bags that my Darling was horrified. I was so tired and it is 3:30 p.m.,I have to make lunch!! Let’s take the chicken beast and the deep-frozen vegetables which I have bought. Let me make you calm,it was very tasty!:)

After all I did the washing up and went to bed. We thought to start watching a new series as a relax.  Then we were wathching the first epizode for only 30 minutes when I said that was not so good…let’s watch something else. Ok,we started to watch the next one which I had started to watch with Dani in Barcelona… ( we stopped to watch it because it was not so good either….).

I told my Darling to find something better,but his patience lost and we stopped.:) Well, it might not have happened better than that. My Darling walked ,I made up lost ground in writing the blog. After all I made dinner and by the time he returned ,I had already served the tasty dish.:)))) We had dinner together following by relax.

It is 10 p.m., I finished all my doings ,I take a shower and tonight I go to bed early because tomorow we will have longer journey . I wish everybody had a nice relax!