Waking up at dawn,but not for me! I left the things happening and I fell asleep about three times during journey. I can not hack awaken adrift on the waves below. So I wook up at 9:30 a.m. next time when we were only 45-minute distance away from the arrival.  I dressed up, called the port and went up to the boys to get air . They haven’t had breakfast yet either ,but we ate short pastry ,which Darling made last evening. 🙂 What happened during my sleeping: a motorboat took the whole equipment from the fishing pole and hardly tugged the whole fishing pole ,but at last moment the boys cut the line. So it was lasted! 🙂

The weather is foggy-cloudy all day,but it isn’t cold.


After we had arrived at the entrance of the port, I phoned the office to give us more accurate co-ordinate where to park. This is a huge port ,that’s why it is good to know where we are. I gave the boys the  buffers and we tied them up on both sides ( we were ready to moor).

Then we were looking for the proper jetty because it wasn’t spelt.  C13. It is very hard to make head or tail of the direction if he/she comes here first time. 😀 Darling dropped me off at the end of stem of the jetty  and i asked an Italian old man where jetty C was . He explained in Italian,but I broadly understood him where to park . Meanwhile the boys started to sail towards the proper direction where a helper had been already waiting for them. My task was to get them through the ship service, fences and buildings .:) I called the girl in the office who were guiding all along how to get out of the ” jungle” and where to find the office. She was cool,I found the ship!  The mooring went well ,everyone is happy. After all,me and Darling collected ourselves and walked into the office to arrange paper work ,which was not so easy as well. Vainly the office was spelled where to be found ,it was hidden in a small corner and we walked past it. 🙂

We went into a sailor shop where they sell wine too!


Then later when we had finished there and came out ,we realized that the office is next to the sho. 😀 Great. We arranged the duties then returned to the deck and went to find a shop by dinghy .

Another exciting 12 minutes followed it until we got out of the port. All the place is an industrial settlement  with huge Starwars robots. 🙂


Well,we went into the closest shop and did the shopping,then back to the dinghy and then Kundalini.  Meanwhile Tomi made us our tasty lunch,which was chicken paprika with sour cream and pepper!!! Yummy!


After lunch we looked around in the area. The price includes using the gym in the next hotel !! It is a cool place. They have super bathroom too. I checked what I will use tomorrow. 🙂

Back to the ship. Relax. Suddenly I heard that somebody was talking to Darling. I looked through the window and I saw a bald dude explained something to Darling and was looking at the ship. I told him  to speak in English because we coudn’t understand him in Italian. Surprisingly, he could spek well English and started to talk to him at once. He very liked the ship. Few minutes later we invited him to look around. He vends his ship,which is also here in this port and would like to buy such as ours. Because this is an OCEAN STAR! 🙂 He praised Kundalini we understand it ,but the point came at that moment. He has a broker in Athen who vends his ship … is he that guy from whom we bought ours?? 😀 But YESSSSSSS! How small the world is! He sat down at ours,we were talking about for an hour and invited  us to have  dinner with us . His name is Fabio and he is 51, nobody can’t say it . 🙂 In the evening tidying ,at 7 p.m. I went to wash my hair and I finished drying my hair when our guest arrived.

The menu was meat soup, chicken paprika with pancake. Needless to say ,he was very glad. He asked the recipe from Tomi because he wants to make it to his children.  🙂 Hungarian food is so catchy here ,but the Italian is the top… He brought a bottle of Italian red wine ,but we made him taste Sicilian Syrah . He stayed until  midnight,we were telling each other stories and laughing. He was even there when I put my mask on my face. 😀 Maybe I detered him.


That is why this kind of life is good! The sailing put me in touch with travelled,clever people and it is experience to spend time with them . 🙂 Meanwhile the storm came with thunder,lightning and lots of rain. Darling tidied the ship outside and after our Italian friend had left, we fell asleep.. Sweet Dreams, Good Night!