It is 5:30 a.m.,the alarm clock is ringing. Darling jumped out of the bed and dressed up. I asked my husband he needed any help ,but he replied ” no. ”  Tomi woke up too ans soon they were hustling together on the deck. I was listening to them in half in dream and I didn’t intend to get up . I can hear all the movements,as the engine stars , the ropes are being set ,the pazarella is being tied up…. and we are sailing.  I look at my mobile around 8 a.m. next time ,but I don’t want to get up . Yet I recollect myself and dress up something. I see the others had already drunk tea ,I heat a mug of tea for myself too. I eat some cookies  as well ,they haven’t had breakfast yet . As I am going up to the cockpit ,Darling says they have caught something. They caught a 3-4 kilos of tuna . Oh,Christ! ..I bring the camera ,I am documenting it.

Maybe it is too early to see it ,I didn’t prepare a murder and evisceration before 10 a.m.. 😀 I am strong like  in the blood collection. I can’t look at it ,only I was holding the camera . Tomi cut the the fish and took it to net.  It was an  “amazing” experience for me . Tomi made the fish to be ready to cook ,I had to sniff it  as a test. I swear,it is not fish. 😀 It smells like pepper beef .


Then I had some information that tuna is very very expensive.  The boys caught about 5-10 000HUF fish  ( because despite the fact that it was 3 kilos  and from this weight it was left only 0,5 kilo).  Fish business is so hard.  if I didn’t have no stomach for it,I would deal with it.

It is 10.30 a.m., it is the time to have breakfast. Tündi went down to look around what to eat. Last day’s bread slicing ,fat and onion! It was a perfect teamwork. Me and Tündi made this tasty breakfast within some minutes ,which everyone ate twice. After all some uneventful hours passed. I was reading papers ,Darling was phoning and arranging the affairs all along. Tomi was making food or having rest. Tündi was  sunbathing ,Attila was doing something here or another place.

So around 1:30 p.m. we arrived at the next place , Punta Ala Marina.At first I talked to them by phone  , I said we would arrive and  they replied me to sign in VHF 9 channel if we were close.  Some minutes later I contacted the port ,then we sailed into there. We moored at the riverwall of jetty 3 ( since there was so big mooring than we needed). Then me and Darling got off immediately to explore the area.

We went to the office to discuss we will pay for the night next day , saw the toilets ( all of them are very cultivated!) and found a laundry section as well!!!!! Cool. We returned to the ship ,I picked the laundry up and went to wash them.  Darling and Tomi were looking around the ships at the port,while Tündi and Attila  were eating the last day’s dish for lunch. Then they went to take  a trip as usual. 🙂 When we are on the deck three of all again, Tomi started to make the Ratatouille ( it was packed and freezed by Mum).

An hour later I am going to put the washed clothes to the drier and I start another washing too.  During this time I am writing and tidying a bit. Free time activity! Darling takes so nice photos…. You can see all of them here:

I spent the afternoon commuting. Clothes out of the washing machine -into the drier , next washing into and out of,and so on. When I returned to the deck ,had a rest a bit and we had lunch.

Around 6:30 p.m. I picked our shower and hair washing set  up and me and darling went to refresh ourselves. The shower is quite nice and clean, hats off. We have already seen miracle! 😀 Both of them  had a shower in the women’s section (as usual) because there was nobody else except us. There are only some people in the whole port. By the time we were ready ,the clothes had already dried ,we packed everything and wen to the the ship.  At that time Tündi and Attila arrived as well.

I am attaching today’s photo, Attila is lying down in the daytime.


The most interesting part of my day was dinner. Me and Tündi were peeling potatoes and Tomi started to prepare the tuna was caught in the morning. He made the fish in two kinds of way ,one of them was spicy ,the second one was honey-ginger. The garnish was mashed potato! Tündi,Attila and me drank red wine  for dinner ,which to be honest was very fine.  I tell someone who hates fish ( Dani!!!!). The dish is very very delicious!  There was almost nobody who has no stomach for fish better,yet I ate 5 pieces of fish! Without any straining . 🙂  I can suggest it. It is on my good food list.

It is 10 p.m., the group is getting tired. We are listening to the music ,talking and planning the next day. Soon we will arrive at Pisa,I am looking forward to getting there ….I need sleeping ,let’s go the bed ,I am sure I won’t get up until 8 a.m.!!!! Good Night!!! 🙂