It is 8:11 a.m.,it is not the first day when I wake up at this time…. Darling is waking up beside me, he kisses me and runs out of the cabin  looks around outside and comes in again. He brings the laptop as well (I hate these electric gadgets in the bedroom!). It is not problem, I fall asleep again while he is cutting videos. Around 9a.m.I wake up again and Tomi has already made breakfast. We had scrambled eggs with sausage, tomato and less good quality of bread.

It is midday, Tündi is making lunch (paella), I am arranging my blog and uploading photos, Tomi returned to his cabin, Darling and Attila are doing the financial settling..Next day we are leaving, so we have to do the shopping and tidy the board. So Attila goes to to do the shopping  I also need moving, so I visit the city with my camera. :)I saw very lovely places, typical narrow streets, everything is so old-fashioned and nice.

The atmosphere is so fascinating, I am walking up to the hill listening to the music. During the way I met a cat, which was looking at stony, at first I thought it was not real. 😀 It was sitting so statically.

I am walking slowly because there are lots of sightseeing….

The other cat whom I met joined me and was accompanying me down for a while. 🙂

I walked round the city and took photos, then returned to the deck to the others. It is around 2:30p.m.,it is the time to have lunch. Tündi made the  layered dish for lunch. Only me ate from it, Darling and Tomi ate ham with bread. ..:D

After lunch we were staying for a little time on the deck, then I went walking with Darling. We paid for the rest of the night in the office and got some bread from the local bakery. The best thing of my day was a winery where Darling wanted to enter. I was tasting three kinds of wine, I prefered the first one and we bought 5 litres of it!

When we returned to the ship, Tündi and Attila had already arrived  from their trip. Tomi made plenty of pancake. Yummy! I tasted the wine with Attila and Tündi at once. Everyone liked my choice, I think it will run out soon. 🙂

It is 8:30p.m.,I am already fine, today’s blog has just been ready…. go to have a shower and I am waiting for my husband to join me. Next morning we are leaving very early. It would be good to fall asleep before midnight…..

Have a nice evening !