It is 8:10 a.m.,everybody is waking up, however I don’t want to get up because we will be here while it is storm all along. We don’t have to hurry, I don’t expect nothing special today. =) So I fell asleep again and was sleeping for about an hour, but by the time I woke up, everyone had already had breakfast and they left me only a small hot sandwich. 🙁 Well, I think I eat more than the others on the deck and they know it, but they didn’t leave me anything. It is not tragedy I ate my small portion. 🙂

I will endure until lunch..

Tündi and Attila went going to trip again, now they discover the other side of the island. Darling is busy with his online things, I very enjoy  watching videos all the afternoon, I don’t do anything else except for relaxing. Tomi went to his room to have a rest. In the afternoon he went out of it and made delicious chicken paprika and baked potatoes with onion and bacon. 🙂

After lunch I did the washing-up and tidied the whole kitchen consumed by strange desire. I had to arrange everything again, put everything out of the fridge, etc…..I hoovered as well, I tidied all the rooms and relaxed  satisfied in the rest of the day. 🙂

Tündi and Attila came “home” late today too, meanwhile we were mending. One of the flow-pipes was broken under the floor and water was leaking. It was fixed by Darling, Tomi and my help.

Tündi and Attila were tidying their cabin meanwhile  then they came out  to have dinner. After it, me and Darling had dinner. I love when he cut me small pieces from the bread, ham and I put butter and tomato onto them. 🙂 He is the only man who eat anything, I also desire it.

Mistral came. The wind is blowing hard (by 35knt), the guys tied everything down so that the wind wouln’t blow it. The ship is in safe, us too. 🙂

After all, we took the red wine and rosé, Tündi wants to play game today as well! Me too. We told the guys to join in playing (except Darling because he was busy with doing something)  and we played, Tündi was the winner. Then go back to our own cabin. Shower and go to bed. Good night!