It is 8 a.m., only Darling is awaken, I feel sick because I have a sore throat. The others are still sleeping. The night wasn’t so pleasant because of 1-2 mosquitos.  Of course I killed them in the morning…. 🙂 Darling got up ,kissed me,then he left to see the port. I can’t see what is its reason why he goes to see all the ports  at dawn ,but my honey…. He goes. Tündi and Attila have woken up ,the coffee is making ,the kettle is boiling. Tündi went to get bread in the bakery ,meanwhile Tomi got up too. I need hot tea!!! Right now. I take the C-vitamin and I am waiting to get better. Tündi brought bread and fresh Croissants.


Tomi prepared some bites of  bread with ham and cheese. Of course I ate from all of them. 🙂 Tündi and Attila too the backpack and after breakfast went to the city.

Until midday we arranged the doings. Buying plane ticket, organising. I couldn’t get even the office of the port . We always have some doings …..around 2 p.m. me and Darling walked to the ship shop (it is closed because of siesta),saw the port and I have to declare it is all right. 🙂

During the walking we drank some fruit turmix and walked back to the ship. Darling is still in the phone conference ,almost all day. Tomi made us delicious tea ,he is loafing somewhere around the ship. I took some photos of a crazy pigeon as well. 🙂

After few-hour free time activity I went to do the shopping with Tomi ,Darling stayed on the deck to have a rest. We took lots of photos of the city,dropped around a mass too and found the closest shop.

The church then and now. 🙂

During walking I dived into looking at the map so much that I didn’t notice a roadblock. 😀 I went into a blind alley. Tomi told me to stop. 😀


Certainly, I asked some photos of me to Mum. 🙂

In the shop aces Italian things as usual….

When we returned from the shopping,Darling went to fish in the dark. Tündi and Attila came back from their daily trip not long after it. It is 7:15 p.m. ,Tomi started to make dinner ,we are having bellies with potatoes. 🙂 We bought lots of delicacy,so I don’t worry what will be tomorrow…


Have a nice evening!