It is 8 a.m.,the alarm clock is ringing…. I feel sick. I didn’t get air through my nose, I had sorethroat at whole night and I woke Darling up with my sneezing. I can’t say I am pleasant company now, but I take vitamin and I hope I will feel better next day.! I have to go to pay in the office by 9 a.m., I have to change the gas bottle and get some mint medicine from the pharmacy because of my sorethroat.Everybody woke up for the music because Darling make us wake up if we have difficulty to do. 🙂 The tasks are instructed, I go to the office holding tea in my hand….


Darling and Tomi came with me, Tomi changed the gas bottle, Darling was phoning again, I went to the nearest pharmacy to buy medicine. It is 9:30a.m.,eveyone is on the deck again. Let’s go! Last evening our gas ran out that’s why the meat wasn’t ready completely, we couldn’t start making French fries. Tomi started to continue meanwhile he was making the scrambled eggs for breakfast. 🙂


Before 10a.m. we left and after leaving the port, we sat down to have breakfast. The average wind speed is 16kn, so we can sail by 7-7,5kn. This speed can be said quite good! After breakfast I took the vitamins and drank Neocitran. Within half an hour I fell asleep in my bed and I woke up at 3:30 p.m. next time. I don’t know anything about the others. I looked at the map, but we were only in half way towards Pisa… I wish I had woken up at arrival. It doesn’t mind. I went to the others to check they had already eaten or not. Of course they had just eaten. There wasn’t left so much food for me, but I am not so hungry..I sliced an green apple and ate some biscuits. I was told we were going to stop in Livorno that night, so I can phone the ports about the prices. 🙂 Ok… I found an appropriate port and discussed our arrival with them. It is not so easy to orientate, it can be seen at the entrance, since you can go at least towards 3 way. There are lots of interesting, big ships here.

Finally I could reach the privy by phone and he sent us among big ships (we didn’t have any place by the smaller ones), so we moored among the huge luxury yachts. A kind bearded guy and his colleague helped us to moor. We arrived!!!!!

After we had arrived, I went to pay for the night at once. Then I returned to the deck to change clothes and went to have dinner together in the city.


We looked around the area,were walking along the shopping street and looked for an restaurant where to go. Underway I saw some nice things.  . 🙂

Maybe we could stop at the 5th restaurant… . Me and the boys ate one-one huge pizza, Tündi and Attila ate some seafood. 🙂

The red wine ran out, then after we had gorged all the food, started to find some sweets. We didn’t have to walk a lot, there was a small candy shop on the other side of the square. I didn’t eat anything because I didn’t desire sweets. My other problem is I have snuffles. My way you feel in the full sense of the word is crap. Around 9 p.m. we went back to the port. This town is so cosy, even they dress the trees up. 🙂

It 10p.m.,we are on the deck again, everyone digestes their dinner and are using their own technical gadget as a free time activity.  I had only little energy to write today’s happenings, take Neocitran and after shower I fall asleep..Tomorrow we will be in Pisa at last, I was waiting for it for a long time…..

Have a nice evening!