The alarm clock rang at 6:30 a.m.,I can’t say that I am not so tired. 😀 We were swagging all night however, I didn’t feel it after a while. At 7:30 a. m. I could get out of the bed and Darling brought my sweat suit in to get dressed. 🙂 Tomi made scrambled eggs, we ate and left this swagging monstrosity. What happened after it, that might routin for Darling, but for me and Tomi not.

Until it I thought that I know how to be on the sea in strong wind! (Of course I was in storm with Darling, but that was different). Well, it might have felt at the exit of the port that it wouldn’t be easy. So huge waves were rocking us as if we were a tiny dinghy in the middle of the ocean. Vainly  I dressed up warm clothes, I was cold and was jiggling. Darling was sailing close to the wind inexplicably (at the beginning only in 30 kn wind) against 5 times bigger waves than us..  .Tomi and Darling were looking ahead while I was looking behind almost all along. I was much more frightened than them. The dinghy was blowing to and fro against the waves which were coming from different direction, but a wave crashed against it and our tank fell off or tore from that, we lost it… it isn’t so cheap, but we couldn’t get it back. After about 15 seconds, we couldn’t see it. 🙁

The wind was getting stronger and stronger, today’s top was 54 kn wind! It is so hard and terrible that we were glad to have got off. Tomi stood in the gap heroically during the whole journey despite the fact that he knows nothing about sailing! Hats off. It was so frightning to pass through the all. When we thought it would be better ( behind the mountains, after direction change), the sea surprised us. The wind was blowing against our face… The hardest was when Tomi tied the bimini down and sat on one of the buffers to hold the inox by hand in order not to be torn by wind. Meanwhile the wave splashed in his eyes, I regretted him. My hands were freezed, but what about their hands????

Indescribable these few hours. …None of photos can reflect the reality unfortunately… .I couldn’t take any photo about the huge waves because I didn’t deal with taking photos . 😀

At 1 p.m. the situation went good, we arrived at our destination. I called the port, they had enough place and few minutes later they came to show us where to go. I haven’t felt myself so strange for a long time. Freezed, unprotected in the hard wind, being hungry and naked to the nature. Ok, next to Darling I always feel myself in safe, but that was an experience for me. Tomi enjoyed almost the all. 😀

Leastwhile inside the ship, being in a heated room he said. Returning to mooring, it was adventurous, but we had 3 aides so we could moor soon. From this we won’t probably move for days because according to the weather forecast it will windy, stormy on the sea. I would choose the death rather than going to the sea!

We brought everything in from outside and packed inside. Tomi took the rest of the pancake from the previous day and we ate it :))))) until the meat soup was ready. Meanwhile we got a form- a filling form from the port and a card to the baths. Welcome in Spain!!!

After having lunch, we were unfreezed a bit,, me and Tomi went to the office to get some information then we took the empty gas bottle with us and went to sightsee. Parrots are chirping on the palm trees.. Warmth fills my heart, but I am very cold. 🙂

We found plenty of shops, bakeries and gas service as well. We changed the bottles and returned to the board. At least there is pullulation here. Me before I would have fainted, I didn’t undress either, I packed the shower-hair washer set and me and Darling went to take a shower and be in warm. I loved the bath, we were enjoying the hot shower for more minutes. It is pleasure after a day like this.!

After we finished, walked back to the board, had dinner and everybody went to play the computer for a while. Only one thing missed on that day …our heating machine went wrong. By evening it had gone wrong and at 10:30 p.m. I went to bed saying that I wouldn’t get out of the bed until it was warm!!!! When me and Tomi were walking, we saw a shop where  heating machines are sold….tomorrow we are going to buy one!!!! Now I go to sleep because I am very tired. Have a sweet dreams.