Nothing explains the early waking so before 9 a.m.,nobody move and I don’t get out of the bed without heating…even my breath can be seen in the air. Darling inexplicably gets out of the bed without socks and pullover and starts to fix the heating.( It would have been if he had done it in the evening:)  

Marvel of marvels could fix the machine and by this he saved our day that is to say us from freezing to death. It is 1 December. From this day James Blunt concert tickets can be sold by May!!!!!! I have been so glad to hear it that he is going to Hungary,I was smiling nonstop.:D Darling is so HONEY that I can not to say. He bought me the ticket and I got another one too to take somebody with me:)  I am so happy to jump out of my skin! I failed my test rule of road exam because I couldn’t concentrate properly. Be calm,the second one has already succeeded. After breakfast Darling and Tomi went to look for a heating machine just in case. They found some good ones ,brought catalog too and measured the ship where they can set it.

Tomi started to make lunch meanwhile I was taking tests, updated softwares,wrote,etc… It is 2 p.m.,the very tasty pea pottage with meatloaf was ready. HMMMM!  I ate three times from it and I hardly felt sick. Thanks TOMI! After all Darling went to edit ,Tomi relaxed and me went on taking the test exams. It hasn’t been succeeded yet 100{0a3b01e70b5661d95046c3bca0af236b64356c9f95613eaea94c445468ba7aa4},none of them…..but all is not lost that is delayed.:)

It is 4 p.m.,relaxing, I watched a film between 2 exams ….meanwhile the boys went back to take the heating machine. The weather is so bad ,the wind is challenge for them as well,me too ….it would blow me if I went out.:D  

We finished almost at the same time ,Darling and Tomi set the new oil radiator and the other one in our cabin and within some minutes it became warm.


It is 8 p.m.,Tomi heated the meat soup ( I ate it twice today) and had dinner. After it, I took my doings and went out to the wind storm in order to get to the showers.I survived ,had a shower when I came out of the shower,I realised that I left my towel on the board. 😀 GOOD! I am so tired that I haven’t realized it either. It doens’t matter,my scarf is here ,it is answer the purpose.I dried myself,dressed up then I went back to the ship. The wind is still blowing so hard…

Around 9 p.m. I felt as if I would curl up so I went to bed. I don’t know how long the boys were surfing on the internet ,I can remember only that Darling went to bed around 1 a.m..Not long after I woke up again because I had headache ( I have never headache) I got out of the bed ,took an algopirin and Good Night!