At 6:30 a.m. the alarm clock rang ,we went to bed around 1:30 a.m. because of a film….and I must say I don’t like waking up. It is specifically pained!: A fast fried eggs for breakfast and we are packing. After 8 a.m.,we could leave to our next destination in the beautiful sunshine . It is incredible what a crack of doom mood was at the same place few days before… how big waves and wind!

The journey was very quiet and it passed relatively fast. As I slept quite little so I laid down covered by a blanket on my head outside…. I have no idea how long. I could have a rest during more than half of the journey ,I felt myself much better then! IMG_9719 The weather is still nice, it is not so cold ,but is is only 6 Celcius degree. We were sailing along the coast and saw things which are worth taking photos. 🙂

Around 2 p.m. in the afternoon, I made contact with Palamos port by phone ,fortunately, they had a place for us,but only one. 🙂 We are coming near the port…

20 minutes later we are sailing into…..

After we got our place,after an easy-going and routinish mooring,me and Darling walked to the port of the office to arrange the paperwork as usual. In the office we saw a very cool furniture ( a mapcase chest),which Darling very liked! Me too,I like the antiquities….

After we finished there,walked back to the ship ,meanwhile Tomi was making ready connection of water and power to the ship. As during the storm the whole ship became so sandy and salty…Darling found out that they would pull me up to the mast and I would wash the ship by sterimo ( high pressure cleaner) from above. 🙂 At first it seemed that it is a good idea ,then when I was hanging above , I was afraid a bit. 😀

This little washing made my afternoon because I felt well myself above. We drank a little red wine after I had got down,then Tomi started to heat the meat soup.After all he made a potato pottage too ( I love it) with meatloaf and we had lunch. 🙂 Meanwhile we were watching videos online and spent the rest of the afternoon having rest. Today  I have taken a succesful test in rule of the road ,the boys busied themselves ,then around 10 p.m. I started to take a shower. Darling was so asleep that he was already sleeping at 11 p.m.. I am still writing, re-established my affairs for morning and I will join to my sweet,chugging husband . Be good and sweet dreams! 🙂