We will have quite nice weather today,as it were. ­čÖé Or I may not notice 20-25’s wind…We got out of the bed around 9 a.m..Tomi made us tasty French toast for breakfast. Then me and Darling were cleaning instruments because two of our Garmin were┬áunnecessary and decided to get rid of them. If anybody is interested in them,write us.:)


I started to take today’s first test exam which surprisingly came off well, I had 75/73 scores. I hope I will achieve similar scores in the live test!!!!

Everybody is fine, is doing their things…..and it is midday already. Tomi was making meat soup again┬á because I love it and there is no mistake in it. I’m sure it will be run out in 2 days.:) We had pasta with cheese-sour cream for main course meanwhile we were watching interesting videos.

I am planning to tattoo┬á Big Dipper in a creative shape on myself with Darling…this morning I have discovered something cool on myself . I have almost had complete Big Dipper spilomas, just a spot is missing at place of rose X. :)))) Beside them,I am planning to have a 3.,but it is secret.

The day is passing stilly meanwhile the squall has stopped. The sun is shining and I can’t believe any power affect to the ships. The weather was perfect to take a trip in the area. Rousing by this, we took┬á bimini back and wash the whole ship! ­čÖé


When we had finished, (5:30 p.m.) I went to the office to pay the 5 nights and took some photos in the sunset…Unfortunately, today there won’t be yoga…..everything is closed. ­čÖü

When I came back,downloaded few movies and music songs in order not to be bored in the next days. ­čÖé Tomi went to the shop to buy some fresh baguettes ,Darling is still sitting in front of the screen while he is phoning several times.

The dinner was very various because everybody ate different┬á dishes . Tomi ate pasta with cheese and sour cream,Darling ate the last portion tripe ,me had fresh baguette with butter and cheese. It is 8:30 p.m.,I am writing today’s happenings ,I am taking another test exam and I go to take a shower +wash my hair as well. We will certainly watch another film too. So I am hurrying up.┬á Tomorrow we are going to get up unusually early and sail away…. See you!!!!!