Sunday starts with cosy after 8 o’clock’s waking. For breakfast we had sandwiches and the rest of yesterday’s cookies. After breakfast ,I started to hoover and tidy,Darling was having a conference calling for  about 2 hours,Tomi was washing the ship outside … the weather is a bit better,the sun is shining!


Darling found me a Yoga studio in the area and it seems that I will go a “Hatha” class next afternoon. 🙂 AT LAST! I have only lack of movement,but any stimulus hasn’t affected me for a few days.  I don’t say that I will be so vicious, (maybe I am ),but I desire bustle. I bear hard that we are closed here because of the weather for more days. It is absolut favourable for Darling because now he has time to do everything on the board which he hasn’t been able to do so far. 🙂

9 day later me and Tomi are going to home … little time left to learn the traffic skills and take the 100{0a3b01e70b5661d95046c3bca0af236b64356c9f95613eaea94c445468ba7aa4}’s  rule of the road test exam. That’s why I have butterflies in my stomach because of the exam, leaving Darling here ,moreover because Christmas is coming and I haven’t bought any gifts and in May I am going to James Blunt’s concert and even I feel thousands of excitement that I can’t let off steam in any way. AT PRESENT.

Tomi made fantastic escalope with mashed potato for lunch!! It was a real Sunday’s lunch. 🙂 After we had engorged everything,me and Tomi left in the wind and started an afternoon’s shopping. The shop where we wanted to go was near enough,thanks to God and we bought everything we need. Of course , we bought unnecessary things as well… 😀 I found a sack of popcorn and I thought,( I hoped)that it will be so colourful that in the cover of the sack.


Unfortunately, I was wrong . I even believe tales and a colourful sack can deceive me easily . :DD I found  some interesting and cool things as well,but we didn’t buy any.

Meanwhile we were walking back to the ship,the wind was blowing nonstop….it was blowing the sand from the coast. I was taking some photos until my hands began to be cold. 🙂

This day is full of excitement. We returned to the ship and we had hardly unpacked ,we took the laundry sacks. Let’s go to wash! 🙂  Fortunately, the washing mashine and the dryer are in the women’s toilet as well so we don’t have to walk another kilometres and wait. We packed the clothes into the washing machine and back to the ship. I practised rule of the road for a change, Darling was sitting in front of the screen all day, Tomi relaxed in every half an hour until he didn’t have to pack in the dryer,wash another clothes and so on. The afternoon passed anyway. I dowloaded new films, we will watch one of them immediately. 🙂

An easy dinner,then me and the boys were watching videos for an hour . We were laughing a lot …..later went to take a shower. It is 10 p.m.,everyone is on the board again. Tomi and me starts to watch film because Darling still has roles. Well, such are the average Sundays. 🙂 Good night!