Today we slept until we could. The air is warm ,it is good to relax here ….maybe around 9 a.m. we could get out of the bed and for breakfast Tomi made us american pancake with apple and cinnamon! It was very tasty ( I ate 6 while Darling only 3). After all,I arranged the doings ,layed out what to do today,but I realised that first and foremost I have to fight for the internet in the office.

I took the waterproof coat on and went outside the windstorm! It is 11:20 a.m.,I could get to the office (now the wind helped me because I felt as if somebody pushed behind me),I got the necessary codes for the internet and returned to the board. I  could harly passed because now the wind wanted to hit me aback and well we know that the stronger always wins . 🙂 I went against the 40-50 kn wind, if I had even layed on it, I wouldn’t have fallen off…

…..victory,I got the the ship and at last I could lay down in the warm snug. I started to write letters to Barcelona’s port to get any good offer for a longer staying. Meanwhile I sometimes looked back to the cockpit and saw that the bimini and the steel structure which is holding the sun collector were bounding. I told the boys that it is not sure that it will be good. Darling dressed up,left and told us to tie everything down at once. 54 kn wind came ahead and was jolting the ship so strongly that it is miracle nothing has damaged yet. Unlike the neighbour ship…the UV safer of the foresail was flying. (its name is perzelin)

Tomi and me dressed up then started to tie ,disassembled the bimini ( three of us did it hard) because we were afraid that the wind would rip it off. It is not a life ensurance to run outside in such bad weather.. Tomi tied two buffers to the river wall because the wind was blowing so hard ,we tied everything down so the boys made an obstacle course with ropes outside. Now going out and into aren’t easy either. 🙂

We bugged out and Tomi started to make lunch hich was Hungarian paprika potatoes and the rest of meat soup! I still love it….a little white hazelnut chocolate for dessert then everybody went to their own snug, free time activity.

I installed the internet and started to dowload some films,watched some videos and took some test of rule of the road succesfully. 🙂

The wind is still blowing hard,you feel as if it never stopped. We are in the middle of a huge storm and it will be the same for some days…To celebrate this,I opened the red wine “which was reserved for our romantic evening” we got from our Russian friend, I clinked glasses with Darling in the storm. Meanwhile Tomi was making some cookies because I feel its smell and got the bowl to lick out with wooden spoon while I was taking my next test rule of the traffic .

It is 8 p.m.,dinner time. Me and Tomi ate Hungarian paprika potatoes,Darling ate stew then we ate the tasty pie from which there aren’t much left for next day. 🙂 After a little relax (around 9 p.m.) we took our bathroom set and three of us went to take a shower. Today the accompaniment is necessary because the wind would blow me away…:D  Darling stayed with me all along and he took a shower with me in the women’s section (as usual),then we finished ,we and Tomi came out of the door at the same time .:) We went back to the board together despite the bad weather.

Tomi is watching a movie in the left back cabin,Darling is also playing the computer in the right back cabin ,me am writing and taking test exam in the living room. 🙂 I will do it until I feel asleep…Have a nice evening. For us too.