I feel that I get used to the early waking….( in fact I will never). This morning the clock rang at 7 a.m.and by 7:30 a.m. I could get out of the bed to have breakfast .:) We had tasty fried eggs with sausage and tzatziki! Today we are going to have a long journey and I am tired when I think of it. After having breakfast ,unmoored and started to leave out of the tunnel. We saw again flamingo colony and lots of fishers.

When we tackled all obstacles ( buoy and cardinal),we saw a very interesting thing too. There was employ change on a pilot ship …..( thye tried the water cannons) .

We were sailing through huge waves for more hours (almost all along). Fortunately, because of the sail  we could pass very fast. We could get the 10-hour journey within only 7 hours! I am used to falling against everything if I go down for something.:D So Don’t misinterpret the spots on my body.


The most amazing part of the day happened at 2 p.m.. An exhausted little bird came down to the board which wanted to relax during its long journey. It did in the middle of the sea where it couldn’t find any shelter except us. It was very cute….it was relaxing for some minutes then it took wing.:) It might have got lost poor.

I was relaxing outside during the journey all over,however it was very cold ….our breath could be seen. Underway we  ate chips,pudding,biscuit and green apple. Finally, we arrived at the port of Camargue at 4:15 p.m.,which is still only the another part of the huge National Park.

The help came at once after I phoned. He navigated us to our place and me and our aide went to the office as usual. Darling called for me and brought back to the board after doing some paperwork then we had lunch. The boys ate tripe and I had tasty pasta with tomato.:)

After all,we sat down to browse on the internet and just more hours later we brought ourselves to see the local toilets. What a pity…..Me and Darling took our doings ,started then we faced that it was not the best. We decided to have a bath on the ship .:) Meanwhile I could download 4 movies ,but I didn’t see none of them at night because I was so tired around 11 p.m.. Sweet dreams!