This morning we have got up around 8 a.m. . I can not say to be completely well rested,but it was easier than in the last days. My Darling looked around outside as usual after waking up then he got dressed. After all he made tea in thermos for the journey, I served one-one bowl of muesli as a starter. 🙂

We didn’t wait for a long time until opening of the shop  and at 9:15 a.m. we weren’t in the harbour. We left relatively easily. I knew that only few days were necessary and everything went in that way than before. 🙂 I signed out from radio the 3-4-hour journey started. Today we have been sailing in foggy-hazy weather …unfortunately, vainly the huge sails if the wind isn’t blowing.

In a slowly speed filling the supply with snack and soft drink we were sailing towards our next harbour. Today we have also seen outcropping some interesting creatures. At first we saw a huge swordfish,then turtles appeared. 🙂 We have thrown the bait into the sea today as well ,but until this time 2:0 ,the sea beats. Nothing is anywhere ….I admire only in the lights.

Around midday I called the harbour to arrive and they said that they welcomed us . During the journey  nothing special happened and at 2 p.m. we got to the harbour of Torredembarra. This place is very lovely …maybe we will be here tomorrow because according to the weather forecast the weather will be windy and rainy and we don’t hurry up anywhere. 🙂

We moored without any help ( it was a real teamwork!) However, I checked in radio to arrive …but I don’t mind. After mooring I started to make the meat with rice which I had steeped in advance adding fried egg and parsley. 🙂 It was very tasty ,by 3 p.m. we had relaxed gorging in the sitting room. Then we walked to check in the captaincy. The office opened at 4 p.m. so as long as we visited around the harbour.  During taking photos we found a man on the top of mast of one of the ships. I think it is very funny … reminds me an ant on a halm. :DDDD

At the administration a kind woman was waiting for us in the office and moreover we got a nice bag carring carton as a gift. :)))) I have never seen such a nice thing…

After we finished here, decided to visit the harbour’s restaurants and dring some fine. We chose a lovely bar on the terrace where we had a good line of sight to the whole harbour. 🙂 Except us there was hardly anybody there ….fortunately, this is the beginning of the season! My Darling drank beer ,I drank Baileys on our mooring. :))

We have never experienced that gumballs are served by the drinks…it is usually bread sticks or peanut .:) I don’t mind,we love sweets.

After we drank the drinks ,walked back to the deck and sat to watch series. Maybe we saw 2 epizodes when we heard sounds from outside . I looked out and a similar ship to ours was next to us. They started to explain something ,but didn’t understand …..namely I can’t speak Dutch. 😀  I asked them to talk in English then it released that we were in their own place. Cool! They thought we were Dutch because indeed the flag of the ship is Dutch. The harbour forgot to inform us where to go exactly inside the jetty 6 so we pulled our finger out and unmoored within 15 minutes and went to another place (we got help in the midst of apologising ). After finishing it ,I started to make dinner . I made very tasty full extra hot sandwiches. 🙂

Being gorge , ending the day contentedly,I took a shower and now I am sitting and writing my narrative . It will be midnight soon …I see my Darling took a shower . We go to sleep.

Have a nice evening! =)