At 9 a.m. we got out of the bed . We ate tasty French toast for breakfast and did everything in a convenient tempo .:) I started to reorganize the 6 luggage in the prow cabin because I want to pack everything to make Darling’s life easier.  I have already packed my own luggage ,methodically its weight was the permitted. I usually do it in this way. 🙂 I tidied and hoovered everywhere. The boys were doing their things meanwhile, Tomi made goulash soup for lunch ,I started to plan Barcelona’s sightseeing destinations.

After we had lunch (around 2 p.m.) ,sat together to watch videos for few hours ,didn’t do anything else. AT LAST. :)It is 5 p.m., me and Tomi went to the shop to get the most important things, Darling was working on his computer, I did a succesful test exam online before leaving. 😀  I hope so much that I will pass it! The exam is coming and I have so many doings …that is to say I will have when I got home. Now I don’t want to think how bad will be without my HONEY husband… These days I think he also feels it will be long. It is hard without each other…

In the shop we found some sweets again.

It is so wonderful how much choice is there from everything! I bought the written down things and hurried up back to the ship. We were watching videos again about for two hours and laughing at the world. At 9 p.m. , Tomi made roast bellies and cuts which we ate with mashed potatoes.  It goes without saying that it was so tasty!!!! 🙂


After dinner we still were watching videos then around 11 p.m.,me and Darling went to take a shower .It is midnight, I am writing today’s happenings and we go to sleep… Have a nice evening!