Our last day came …this year. What was the night like?  EXCITING . Why? Because so big waves came to the saved port that we were rocking on our little cradle. 🙂 Me and my Darling woke up because the buffers were crushing on the sides of the ship and our ship is always touching the next ship . It wasn’t good to be woken up for this…My Darling got up right now and went outside to look around. All the ships were waggling ,sometimes it was so frightening .I looked at the watch….it was 5 a.m.,super. I also went outside to help him. Tomi was sleeping meanwhile. 😀  Our power cable was broken by tug of the ropes and pressing of the next ship. It was “padded” by only buffer ,all of ours were crushed between them. My Darling did the best he could because of our protection. He repaired the broken power cable even in dawn and then we went back to bed.

We woke up at 10 a.m. next time ( Everybody is suffering from a dawn waking up,isn’t they!?) … Tomi came back from his cabin at that time and pulled the evening’s cold collation out again. We had breakfast then I called the port to come to solve that problem with the next ship. My Darling tied the next ship properly not to touch the side of our ship and he took all the buffers to the other side. Our two buffers have already been blown out in the whole night’s crashing…

After all we started to clean everything. It is 4 p.m.,we stopped to relax a bit . Tomi starts to make a sandwich for lunch. As our gas was run out ,my Darling bought a big bottle two days ago. However our link doesn’t fit into it so we can’t use it! 😀 We will have a trip to the fishing shop as well.  Around 5 p.m. we stopped cleaning and went to Plaza to eat. The boys ate wok ,I had a hamburger. After all buying souvenirs ,eating dessert..

…later back to the board. It is 7:30 p.m. ,we are on the board again. I wrang orange as a refresher and me and my Darling went to have a common shower this year. 🙁 We didn’t have so much for dinner ….but however we were awake until midnight because we changed battery in my Darling’s hotshot watch and he was setting that. 😀

Have a nice evening and I am going to arrive tomorrow… I know you are waiting for me. 🙂 kiss