All of us got up around 8:30 a.m.,the breakfast was cold cuts and then we started to clean the whole ship . We were tidying and packing for more hours. At 2:30 p.m.,Tomi heated the last day’s goulash soup and we ate bolognai spaghetti for main course. 🙂


After lunch we packed the rubbishy things ,tidied and pulled our finger out. Then we showed Darling the local mall. 😀 As the food place is there ,so he must know where to go eat. We looked the whole building around and found a very good shop where we found fragrant air fresheners to the ship. ACES! Tomorrow we will go back for it. Of course I visited a clothes shop and found a fashionable pullover .Unfortunately, it is polyester …so it stayed an afterimage . 🙂 IMG_3557

After all, we went to food section and had a box of doughnut and a package of strawberry yoghurt . 🙂 Homeward we ate most of them .Today we have eaten lots of sweets …drank even Coke! Ahhhh. Later we were watching videos on the internet. We love Showder Club’s junk. We were laughing a lot. 😀 Me and Darling went to have a shower and wash hair between 9-10 p.m..Then I thought we would eat some salty food after eating sweets. 🙂 I made hot sandwich in order not to be hungry before going to bed. We could fall asleep anytime before midnight ,have a nice evening!