Convenient  8-o’ clock getting up…Breakfast at 9 a.m.,then free time activity. 🙂 Around 2 p.m. we are leaving  to St, Tropez to sightsee ,so we will have enough time to do everything. I uploaded all the photos to the computer ,categorised them, I read articles and it is already midday. For lunch Tomi made us peas pottage with meatloaf . It was very tasty. Thanks!

We pull ourselves finger out and jumped to Dinghy four of us again. Darling took me to the office of the port to pay for another night ,later we went to the edge of the port and moored the dinghy. We left to find the bus stop,which  we could find soon. 🙂 We had to wait 10 minutes until the earliest bus arrived and it took us 10 minutes to get St. Tropez. The city was guite quiet because it is Saturday ,it isn’t season ,but that’s why it was enjoyable. 🙂

I took some photos of the city…

Darling also took  videos at Citadella by dron…

I am responsible for the details. 🙂

We are coming down from the hill….

Underway we saw interesting shops.

We got the last place where we could admire Louis de Funés’ famous film scene beside Bridget Bardot’s sculpture.

The success of the film played certain role in developing of Saint Tropez which had been a small town before. The Gendarme from Saint Tropez (original title: Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez) is a whole-night French-Italian movie, was shown in 1964, which is the first part of the popular Gendarme movies.

Then around 4:30 p.m.,we got on the earliest returning bus ang got off at Casino store to refill our supply. I found special things on the shelves.. .. we bought Twix and Bounty cream too!!!! 😀

The cutest thing, which is my favourite too from the toy shop:


This is very soft and cute!!! 🙂

After returning to the ship, Tomi had already made us pancake and we gathered to have dinner together, we ate which we had just bought. A little after we tried our new board game. I loved it! We were playing for about 2 hours and then we went to have a shower and go to bed. See you!