Last evening I should have finished the modul exams, but it was too many, so I asked Darling to help me. After midnight he couldn’t end it either, he sent me to go to bed. By 10 I should have done the all to take the rule of the road exam. My Darling woke up in early morning to do the all. I woke up at 9 a.m.,I didn’t relax at all, but at least I was dreaming.:)I hadn’t had breakfast until I did the last test with Tomi.( There was left only one.) By 10:20 a.m. we had just finished it, I sent my application to the school for December ‘s exam and I sat down to have breakfast… . AT LAST.

Lunch is making, eveone is doing their own doings. To be honest, I got tired in last few weeks and the only thing what I want to do is entertaining.The morning passed fast, the layered potato casserole is already made for lunch. After lunch  the boys shot 3 fish by spear gun at  the port…Poor fish.


We discussed to go to the neighbour port(Grimoud) and phenomenonal Venice located behind it at the afternoon. 🙂 All of us jumped into the dinghy to pass the village…. what we saw there, I will never forget.


The photos and videos can’t reflect the beauty and cosiness of the place. Simply, I loved that place and I’m sure I can imagine Darling and me  would have a home. 🙂

We took lots of beautiful photos, the boys had the drone flew and they could take some special recording which only few people could before. During sightseeing, we met Hungarians…:D In this empty, small, French town(where it isn’t season and nobody is in the streets). I always laugh a lot when we get similar situation. There were an older Hungarian and a French couples, and on the French lady’s neck there was a necklace made with Halas lace. 🙂 From time to time I forget the world is so small.

After we visited the coast, boarded into the dinghy again and sailed across the whole town. I would say it in French :Super Mignon! Everything is so cute here…  We saw a cottage in front of it a coypou was sitting on the bank of the river and it was looking at us. It wasn’t so stressful… 

Around 4 p.m. we returned to our own port and I paid for the nights. French people are so kind, I could live here!!!!! After all we came back to the board and ate layered potato casserole again as a pre-dinner. 🙂 We discussed to rest and play board game too. So at last we can entertain a bit. I missed it very well. Have a nice evening!