We couldn’t get up at 7:30 a.m., but we left at 8 a.m. despite the fact that we didn’t have breakfast. Tomi served all  tasty food ,but we could only have breakfast in turn underway. 🙂

I was on the go inside for a while  then I joined to the team outside. I chopped up green apples and pears for everybody in order not to be hungry till then ,we ate biscuits with them as well.  A little after 1 p.m. we arrived at the port of  Lavandou.


Nobody is anywhere ,there is only a French guy on the next ship who is on the go something.

Basically, it wasn’t so easy reach the port because it is Sunday I guess…and it isn’t season either. I had been phoning for 45 minutes by the time somebody answered. I knew everything and we had free place,but when we arrived nobody answered either by phone or radio,so we didn’t have any idea where to moor. By first calling I got some information that we had to park somewhere behind the petrol station . We did it ,but nobody is still anywhere .:D Tomi made meat with rice and at 2 p.m. we sat to have dinner together .1 hour later everyone rested. As a freetime activity Dani and Mum were lying on inflated armchairs on the bow to sunbathe. 🙂 Tomi went into his room , I suppose he wants to rest ,Darling went walking ,looking at ships at the port ,I stayed to write the blog and then I am going to the office to pay and inform. 🙂

I found a very cool summer leaflet , I thought I share this .


After I finished , I took my yoga mattress from the wardrobe …and at last I did some exercises. I feel better ,my vim always returns if I do yoga. The sun is shining ,we are at a calm,small French port. At length what complain might have ….I don’t have to work standing  for 8 hours in a boutique  and 6 children aren’t running around me in the kitchen ,I don’t have to meet idiot people and I can say the least danger doesn’t threat either . 😀 That’s about it. The boys washed the Dinghy and Darling mended the small damage at the bottom.

Tomi started to make Hungarian poppy seed bread pudding ,meanwhile I went to the local shower room to wash my hair and have a shower. I can’t say that it is a big deal …even we have already been in better place too,but at the moment it is suitable. Only hot water goes from the shower head. 🙂

It is 6:30 p.m.,common dinner….the Hungarian poppy seed bread pudding was very tasty! I ate it twice.  Thanks Tomi.


It is 7 p.m.,relax starts,everybody is gorged. 🙂 We have played board games today as well, around 7:30 p.m. we could gather again and around 9:30 p.m.,after 2 games,everyone was tired. Let’s sleep.

I am attaching today’s cutest photo, good night!