We slept until 9 a.m.,I am so well rested. 🙂 Tomi got up an hour later and we had French toast for breakfast only at 11:00 a.m.. It was very tasty ,but soon we will have meat soup and pig with mashed potato with onion for lunch. Until it,I am practicing the rule of the road ,Darling went by dighy to take videos about the place ,Tomi was primping.:) it is 2 p.m., it is the time to have lunch….


I am gorged. After lunch, I went to the office and paid tonight too. I was walking and was ready to continue. Before it,I had cleaned the baths and after it I sat down to start learning.:) It is 8 p.m.,I finished all my modules ,noted and my test exams succeeded (92{0a3b01e70b5661d95046c3bca0af236b64356c9f95613eaea94c445468ba7aa4} – 97{0a3b01e70b5661d95046c3bca0af236b64356c9f95613eaea94c445468ba7aa4}) . I am glad because I am afraid of the exam.

All day we were listening to my 10-year old music track on the old MP3 player. 🙂 Maybe it might have helped….I feel good. We will have dinner soon and after shower, at last we are going to watch a film with Darling. Unfortunately,I can’t say more about today because I was taking the practice test almost nonstop…


Nevertheless, I hope everybody had a nice day and will have a nice evening. See you!