Darling asked me to set the alarm clock by 6:30 a.m.. I made complain about it. Last night we could see a film at last,but it lasted until 0:30 a.m….I wasn’t asleep,yet I had to sleep …..well, in the morning the early waking was unpleasant. 🙂 By 7:30 a.m.,I had braced myself up and joined to the boys. We had hot sandwich for breakfast and made the ship to be ready to sail. I hurried to the office to give the key of the port back and after returning we left. I took some photos in the morning sunshine.

The wind is blowing, the sheets are started and we are sailing towards our next destination by at least 9 kn . The journey was pleasing, it was good sitting outside in the sunshine. I started to watch another film during the journey I was winching a bit,I chopped pear and apple up for before lunch which we ate with buttery biscuit as usual. 🙂 By the time I realized ,we had already been in the next destination,Agde. I called the port ( I could harly reach them)and a woman who could speak only French intructed us. We found our place  of course we needed some help because there are plenty of jetties in this huge port and more ships!  It is a very lovely place,this is a typical French holiday resort. There are casino, them park, aquapark and plenty of restaurants.

After mooring, me and Darling went to find the office and underway we saw that every shop is closed. On Monday afternoon, in the end of November …..the city is completely empty. Only elderly couples were taking their dogs for a walk in the streets enjoying the nice weather. 🙂 Underway we found the laundromat which offers good prices ,so tomorrow we are going to wash! We found the office as well,arranged everything and walked back to the deck.

Tomi made lunch which was the rest food from the previous day. Meat soup and bologna spaghetti. Yumm!!! After all,we started to plan and made budget too. Then Darling went to cut videos,Tomi went to do the shopping ,me is writing and practice the rule of the road!!!! ( For me it reminds me stress!) 😀

It is 7:15 p.m.,I start to do the things. I thing before 9 p.m.,we won’t have dinner either…the free time activities lasted all evening ,we went to bed late ,but we slept better. At last. See you!