The usual ring at 7 a.m.,but at once the recognition has passed me over that it is the last waking for alarm clock this year. 🙂 So I can recollect myself easilier to get out of the warm bed. I woke up relatively fast and then we sail away. Fortunately, I didn’t shit on myself to bring any key back to the office, so I dressed up with great calmness. After 8 a.m. we left the coast.


However the wind was blowing frontwise ,yet we got the obstacles over easily….sailed through all the waves  which tried to ruin our last journey this year. 🙂


Tomi went down to make some breakfast fast which finally was sandwich filled with fried eggs and cheese. Anyway, the hours passed very fast ,however I haven’t slept outside today. I took photos about interesting things I think and we arrived.

I called the office as usual and announced our arrival,we got a quite good saved place.  At first sight the port and its area  are interesting .

After mooring, our aide came and he took me and Darling to the office by Dinghy. At the office it is Christmas already…. 🙂


We arranged all the paperwork and our aide took us back to the ship. Tomi made dumpling with eggs for lunch and went to look around in the Sport store by the coast. After so much sailing ,it is so strange feeling  to be in civilization. 🙂 We have been travelling for 3 months and have been to so many beautiful places  that I couldn’t list them…

We looked through all the important parts of the store especially the sailing and fishing departments. I  tried on roller skates which I make a clean brest of it I thought it was dreadful….I can’t remember when I was wearing unilinear rubber wheeled roller skates on my feet last time. Fortunately, I didn’t fell off  , I just tried it. 🙂 After all, we aimed at the bike department where we found the best one ,we loved it at once. This is a collapsible bike which can roll than hot knife in butter. Darling also loved it, rode a bike around the store and we determined that we must buy one!

After we had had fun ourselves completely ,Darling went back to the ship and me and Tomi went to find the nearest shop. We were walking for 10 minutes and then found ourselves in a huge mall in the middle of Christmas crowd. 🙂

The shop was downmost of the building ,we took a shopping basket and started to look around. We saw so many upbeat things!

However, I saw something which I felt sick myself …..YUK!


I could get myself over the shock and we bought the most important things then walk back to the ship….

We sat down ,Tomi started to make stew and meanwhile we were watching videos until so late. The stew was ready around 10 p.m., we engorged all!!!


It was very tasty,thanks. After all, Tomi took a mug cake into the oven which was ready at 11 p.m.

We surfeited ourselves and could hardly move when we found out there was a shower outside which we should try out. 😀 I packed the shower set,hooked on my husband and we walked to have a shower around midnight. It is a very cultured place,I like it.  The nicely close-cut lawn is cared by automatic water system at night on which I was surprised especially in the midst of December. 🙂 The point is that we could have a shower and went back to the ship. It was 1:30 a.m. when we went to bed at last. To sum up we had a quite good day,I hope you will have tomorrow! See you.