This morning everybody slept until they wanted . Of course I got up latest ,unfortunately I coughed. At night I was coughing,I remember it. However, I woke up well rested . 🙂

In the morning Tündi felt today’s trip wouldn’t go well and since they would be in Nizza next day (because their flight takes off)….they packed in the morning and after breakfast they said goodbye. They walked to the bus and went into the port of Pisa to rent car because it is the easiest way to get Nizza by next afternoon. We hope they will have smooth journey! After they had left ,we packed on the deck and broadly tidied it,pulled down the bedclothes,etc…. Me and Tomi went to the shop to buy bread and butter,then took  the key of the bathroom back to the office and started from Pisa to the next destination.

We didn’t make lunch ,ate only bread and dripping along the way. In addition we ate a box of bread sticks and a little Kinder chocolate. Yummy! :)We were relaxing a bit underway ,then around 4 p.m. one of the fishing poles caught something….


A quite big tuna was hooked again, but it was dragging until it broke away from the hook. No problem, let’s go ahead ,the boys are waiting ardently to catch something again. 🙂

We were waggling for more hours on the waves flaute. These few hours were so terrible that I had a headache because of the buzz and drag. By 7 p.m. we had got La Spezia taht is the bay of  Le Grazie in dark.  We anchored in a calm place surrounded by few (unlighted) ships….but the the city lights can have been seen. Tomorrow we will discover it and find a laundry as well.


For dinner I ate the left fried pork brasso style ,the boys had Hungarian stew of trotters. 😀 It is absolute  diet. After dinner I am going to write a bit , pulled the bedclothes up and after having shower I am going to bed ….I am waiting for my husband who is playing his mobile despite his fatigue in the living room,at last he found me. 🙂 Let’s sleep….

Have a nice evening!