Darling woke up early as usual. He was preparing for leaving,Tomi made French toast with tea for breakfast,but we haven’t been able to have breakfast this morning either. Fidgetiness could be heard from next room early morning, by morning it had been found out that Tündi feels sick ,my poor vomitted. Darling discussed with the guys to stay there another night because of Tündi. Maybe her balance centre  was shocked by the waves.

I stayed in the bed late since I couldn’t get up because of the debility. My night was quite good with Neocitran. My dear husband took breakfast to the bed ,it tasted salty. 🙂 While I was eating ,I was phoning with Mum. Today I haven’t met Tündi so far because by the time I  collected myself,they had already gone to walk on the coast and drink coffee. When I picked up strength, got myself to go to the air. I dressed  heavy clothes up ( as a snowman) and me and Tomi went to the office to pay. There the printer went wrong ,which Tomi repaired for the woman. 😀 It has been found out there is a laundry nearby ,so today I’m sure we will go there.

After all, we returned to the ship and I tidied my things. I hoovered and cleaned. Let’s go to the laundry! We packed lots of laundries to wash. We went to the laundry where only we were at first. There were three little washing machines and a big one ,moreover three big driers.

In the corner there was change machine ,which disbursed tokens. We looked around and learnt with how much money the machines work. I have to withdraw cash from ATM. The closest was in the next corner ….it didn’t seem so dependable . 😀


However,it worked,so I could get enough money; which was necessary for washing.

I saw a lovely church underway.


We returned to the laundry and I threw 20 euros into the mashine. I got four tokens and two euros back.:) We took into the clothes then we were waiting for half an hour. Then we took the clothes into the dryer,which took another half an hour. Meanwhile we walked to the sea to take photos.

By the time we returned, a crowd had already been waiting for the washing. Who would consider that everybody attends laundry in this small village? 🙂

Around 2 p.m. I am getting to be hungry. We went back to the deck with clean clothes and then Tomi started to make Roast a la Brasov. I talked to Darling a bit ,packed the clean clothes and sat down to have a rest. There is tasty Brownie,I eat some! Thanks for Tündi. 🙂


I spent most part of the afternoon watching videos ,Tündi still feels sick that’s why her and Attila are walking the whole day. Tomi is cooking and cleaning. The Roast a la Brasov was so tasty!   At 5 p.m. all the dishes ran out. Darling went to look at a shop ,but he forgot it was Sunday. At 6:30 p.m. I suggested going to the showers to wash hair . 🙂 He finished something on the computer and then an hour later he came with me. After hair washing and shower we returned to the ship and saw some videos on the internet. 🙂 By the end Darling had just slept ,so I didn’t have any choice…..I fell asleep as well. We haven’t had so many lazy day that today…. Godd Night.