Today’s waking was very pleasant , my Darling and me got up together and the day started breezily. White coffee and baguette with buttercream were for breakfast,but we have to eat something!:)

At 8:45 a.m I took the key back to the office …but it was still closed so I left a note on the door .:) We left the port at 9 a.m. without any help.Today the weather is nice ,but the wind isn’t blowing,but I feel that we will have a nice day!

After few hours I put a pizza into the oven which we ate outside. Yummy!


After lunch we laid to sunbath on sponge on the bow ,then my Darling took the TRX and we tied it up the rope of the pulling up genakker.We exercised a bit in a sunny weather.:)))


Our 5-hour journey finished…..

We arrived at port of Juan Carlos port at 2 p.m..We got some help immediately via radio on channel 67 after check-in. Fortunately they can speak English a bit. Firstly we had to moor by the river wall,then I went to arrange the paper work. My Darling was waiting for me on the deck ,then I finished ,we went to our place. The peace is huge ,the harbour is big however it is calm. I like it.

After we moored to our last place ,walked to see the toilet and took some photos of the port. I can see the sunbeds on the coast and this cool Jet pack which I can try any time.:)

After looking round the area,we returned to the deck,my Darling took the bikes outside and he bed in them and we started to visit the city.:)  I loved riding a bike on the coast ,by the time we  walked through the long prom ,I sunburnt a bit .

The main goal was doing the shopping .:) We rode to the city to find a supermarket. Meanwhile we saw a lot of beautiful things. Valencia is a big city and we have already seen its tidy part!! It is twice as big as Budapest!  Tomorrow we can explore more maybe.


We found our shop and did the shopping and returned to the ship.

My Darling was walking a bit in the port and discovered the ships , I was making tiramisu ,but in the end I put two big portions into the fridge.  Tomorrow I will love myself because of this as well.:) We had fresh baguette for dinner with much extra. After all I sat to upload photos and write and by the the time I look up ,it had been midnight. It is the time to take a shower and sleep.

Next day we will sunbath and relax ! I wish everybody would have similar nice day….