We should theoretically have got up to leave at 8 a.m. The alarm clock rang, snooze button. I did it about 4 times and nobody got up either. I thought there is no problem ,I don’t want to get out of the bed. 馃檪 At 7:40 a.m. Darling asked me what time it was ….when he heard ,he jumped out of the bed at once and said we were leaving! 馃榾 SUPER! I have to take the transformer and the key of the bathroom back to the office .Then I picked up ,dressed up my clothes,waterproof,overcoat and walked out fast. Meanwhile Tomi turned us off from the coast power,stowed the cables,prepared to leave with Darling. Santa Claus is coming today! He brought a bar of Kinder chocolate for Darling because he was a good boy. 馃檪 Tomi and me were bad because our boots were empty. It is not problem,we can eat so much sweets.:D

The morning was beautiful….

As I returned ,we unmoored……started to sail towards Port Blanes.

I was also sitting with boys outside for a while,Tomi made toast with garlic during the journey. We ate it,drank a hot tea and I layed down in the cockpit as usual……with pillow and blanket. 馃檪聽 IMG_4580

I slept so well that I can not to say either. I quasi woke up again when we arrived at the destination.

I called the port at once and announced we were going 10 minutes later. Fortunately, they could speak English (I can’t understand anything in Spanish)and everything went well. We got a quite good place ,it is so saved and the toilet is next to us. 馃檪

After we arrived, I went to the office because it closes at 1 p.m.. I had only half an hour. I arranged everything,discussed,paid,etc….back to the ship then we packed and Tomi heated the potato pottage for lunch. When we finished ,me and Tomi pulled our finger out and started to find a shop. I got information today it is the constitution day and it is possible that all the shops will be closed. SUPER. We shall walk a bit if we can’t do anything else.

We took some photos meanwhile as usual….

I very like this place!!! It looks like Miami. 馃榾

Fortunately, within 5 minutes,we found an opened shop,then bakery as well, finally we went to do the shopping in a mini supermarket. We bought hot baguettes and聽celebratory Coke. 馃榾 I found again cool things in the shop…..colour popcorn too!!!! 馃檪

At the exit someone left waiting a so little fantastic creature which was looking at me and moaning that I nearly got it into my bag and took it…..I came to it to touch its fur and I swear it was so soft like a little carpet!! 馃檪

After we finished here too,walked back to the deck slowly. Tomi made pancake,I hoovered and started to pack into my luggage ( I have only 4 days) .Next day we are arriving at Barcelona at last. Until it I practice聽rules of the road聽for a change and pack everything to be聽road-ready.

Around 6 p.m. we ate some pancake…. what else ?


Then every one went to their own room to do what to want. Darling went walking in the dark to map the port. I was primping a bit,took a shower and the main course came for dinner. 馃榾 Baked potato with purple onion,cheese and ham+ sour cream. We opened the celebratory Coke and continued our own programmes. It is 9:30 p.m.,I am writing today’s happenings ,taking a test exam and finished. Darling finishes slowly what he is doing and at last we won’t go to bed at midnight ….I wish you well. Sweet dreams!