The waking up is nicer to know we are here.. 🙂 The alarm clock rang at 7:30 a.m.,but me and Darling were staying a little time in the bed. Around 8 a.m. Tomi started to make fried eggs  and after dressing up we had breakfast. After all everyone started to do their own task and by 10:30 a.m. we had been able to finish lots of doings. At 3 p.m. Mum and Dani are coming by this time we will have done everything! 🙂

One of my tasks was doing the shopping,so around 11 a.m. I went shopping with 2 shopping bags.  At first I went to the bakery where I was yesterday to buy very tasty bread and today I have bought 2 loaves of bread. After all, I tried to get the necessary ingredients for tiramisu,roast a la Brasov and meat soup in the local Spar. It was not so successful. Fortunately,my French knowledge helped to overcome difficulties  when I couldn’t find the goods on the shelves. I packed up the two shopping bags ,but I didn’t get chicken breast ,so I started to find the butcher’s. Few minutes later my shoulders were getting hurt. Underway I talked to a local homeless  whom I asked the way in French. 🙂 I hardly found the nearest butcher’s ,but it is Saturday …..there was not left chicken breast. Since it was not the first butcher’s, I said ok to buy turkey breast instead of chicken. The shop assistans can speak only French! I love it. So I am forced to use French instead of English for a while. 😀 Here I was looking at where to go.


After I had bought everything,returned to the ship and was resting for  few minutes.  After all my task was to clean the bathrooms and hoover.  Dani had already called me ,their plane had taken off and he and Mum are going to arrive 2 hours later. Till then we had enough doings. Tomi started to make lunch and by the time we had finished everything ,the plane landed. We were doing the last doings when the taxi arrived. We were so glad! We looked forward to them. 🙂 Mum brough plenty of delicacy….the most brilliant was the pickle filled into a honey bear bottle!!!! 😀

Dani brought board game from home. I look forward to playing with it!!!!


After we had packed our luggage to the forecastle, clinked glasses with the left Vilmoskörte,then Mum drank pálinka too: 😀 Well,then I lost my reality sense. The roast a la Brasov is ready. I laid the table…


….then we engorged all the dishes. A little food was left only on my plate …I don’t understand why. 🙂

After everybody ate enough food,Darling and Dani went to take for  awalk and discuss everything. Meanwhile I took a shower and started to do the rule of the road tasks. Tomi was doing the washing up while he and Mum talking,sometimes I also talked to them.  After the guys had returned ,we discussed the next day’s Monaco trip,which we are planning to take by bike. We realised it will take about 2 hours only to get there.. 😀 I hope everything will go well according to our plan.

It is 9:30 p.m.,Darling is taking a shower now..I guess then we will be asleep because we are going to get up early next morning!  Let’s take a shower and go to bed. I am happy to be together. Good night because two of my readers must be here with me. 🙂