The alarm clock rang at 7 a.m. ,but I was not interested in it!! I got out of the bed at 8 a.m and started to do my daily doings. Tomi went to buy some bread for breakfast, meanwhile Darling was tidying the ship. My task was keeping the contact with the ports and asking prices. I loved it because they can hardly speak English and I have never spoken in French by phone. 🙂 I scuffled through all tasks and I could plan the journey to Marseille with prices. After Tomi had returned, he made the fried eggs and we had breakfast together.  After all, Mum and Tomi went to do the shopping while the guys were planning the fim’s doings. After I had finished mooring,was looking for sights in all the cities where we will go…( so it will be easier),then I started to do the rule of the road tasks.It is 3 p.m.,,the lunch has been ready yet ,however Tomi had returned at midday from shopping. All of us are hungry ,but we know …Patience is a great virtue. In case is lunch.

I was doing the rule of the road tasks until 4 p.m. and the meal was ready too. 🙂  The lunch was tasty meat soup and pork cutlet with onion and mashed potatoes as a main course.


It was very delicious,it worthed waiting! After lunch I went to the office to pay for the nights ,but when I walked back to the ship ,Darling was fixing. The system didn’t work well. Maybe the water pump? He was mending that for an hour. Me and Dani went to find the local Hard Rock café to and from we are walking for 1 hour. We went to get a pin. 😀

At least we saw some interesting things  on the way ,which I took photos.

Backwards I slogged myself along .  I was tired . Meanwhile Mum was making doughnuts…

Darling and Tomi were fixing the water pump. By the time we returned,they had finished it. I was doing the rule of the road task as well and around 8:30 p.m.,we gathered to have dinner. Then I took a shower and went on doing the rule of the road tasks. Now it is 11:20 p.m. and I got tired. I go to bed ,good night

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