At 7 a.m. everyone was awaken I think, I got up the latest as usual. At 8a.m. I joined to the others who had already finished breakfast. However, I don’t like hurrying in the morning at all. Since, I am not hungry so early. At this time I normally roll over the other side. 🙂

After breakfast we braced ourselves up, each of us did their own doing. I hoovered, tidied our cabin, then checked the others ‘ as well in order not to be left a toothwasher glass in the bathroom. It would be pity if something fell down and broke underway. This beautiful set is irreplaceable. After all, we started to the next place, Cannes. Tomi forgot to tidy the kitchen, so a bowl of tomato fell off on the white carpet. Great… We have to pay attention better the tasks. Sometimes I forget to close a window, but as tidying the kitchen is not my task, so I don’t chip on it.

Bye Nizza! It is beautiful, I will never forget it!

During the journey Dani felt sick because we were sailing against so huge waves that he didn’t endure it after breakfast. I remember I have felt seasick in the morning too last time. 😀 So he vomited in the rear of the ship. Then he lightened and he didn’t feel seasick any more. We were sailing for few hours in all and the sea was getting calmer and calmer  near Cannes. I took the French Water Pilot book, I forgot talking about it.! Darling bought one in Nizza. 🙂 I found our port and announced our arrival by phone. Well, everything had been ok until the moment after mooring. We didn’t get good place at port. We had to moor onto a swimming jetty directly beside the entrance. I don’t have to say either that the waves can get here….

We decided to stay here because they couldn’t place us to another place. So we started towards the closest port from Cannes. That was Port de La Rague. I phoned them and they told me there was only one free place. It’s great, that will be ours. I booked it and within an hour we arrived at that nice port. 🙂

Everyone prefered that place to the previous one. Tomorrow we are going to Cannes from here, it takes 20 minutes to get the downtown  by train. The mooring was easy  Tomi started to make lunch  me and Mum went to the port to get some information. 🙂 The others relaxed a bit after the “long and exhausting” journey. 😀

In the office we could discussed everything in French!!! Then we returned to the ship and had lunch together. We had meat soup and green bean vegetable-dish.


Both were very tasty! After lunch (around 3p.m.)I started to do the rule of the road tasks. I noted and was doing tests until evening. The others busied themselves meanwhile. By 7 p.m.,I had been so tired, Tomi made us pancake as dinner. I stopped to rest and we had dinner together. Darling accompanied me and Mum to the shower rooms and at last I could wash my hair. 😀 Small pleasure on weekdays…

It is 10 p.m. I have just finished blog..I am exhausted. In the morning I must do lots of the rule of the road tasks and plan sightseeing, so I go to bed. Have a wonderful night!