We got up very early in the morning to get next destination in time. At 7:15 a.m. we left from Motril’s port, after my Darling had told everybody the tasks. In this time, everybody gets tasks and we have to work on this basis the whole day. I am usualy the utility man because I am an expert in all matters. My Darling’s task is the same mostly and so we can control the things inside and outside as well. The guys are very skilly, they can endure the new challenges. :))

The breakfast is at 9:00 a.m. and two people are responsible for proper working of the kitchen. Outside the skipper and his aide are working and the crew.:)) The team could eat muesli despite waving sea. Tea and coffee then it started the few-hour morning work.After some time,I supposed to go back into my cabin and relax again. I had been relaxing for two hours before I went back to the guys. It is lunch time, snack is coming up, my Darling made a big portion instant soup and it was enough until the arrival.

At 3 p.m we arrived at Malaga’s port.. or leastwise any similar. At first, I phoned the ports, but nobody can not speak English properly. Cool. Therefore, we followed the pilot book and the navionics application mostly. I could find hard a person who spoke English a little bit and he had me switch the radio on 11 channel. I asked him where we could have a place. After that, an agressive port conductor offered to move away because there would be control. Ok… I say, “Be calm, we arrived. ” We moored beside the river wall and were waiting for the officers. We got a paper  according to this, we should fill it and move into the place given by the officers. Well… that place was on the other side of the port and river wall where there was any mooring lash-rope and any protection of the broadside. We reported that place was not proper then they had us wait for 15 minutes. Later they tried to conduct us to the same bad place. I reported it on the radio again in order to get a proper place ( because there were lots of good places), they replied that  it was not possible. They said, “Do you need this place or not?” I said, “Thanks. Good bye!” After all, I called Benalmadena’s port to know what options we had.. the water is not deep enough there, so we couldn’t go there either. I called Malaga’s club port which I had called earlier  but that was not proper either because of our big ship size..’It is fantastic.’ We found only a fisher port next to the big port where we planned to tank. So we found out that we spent the night simply by the petrol station along the river wall.After we had moored here, the guys started to make lunch. After 7 p.m.,we could eat bellies with mashed potatoes, then me,Dani and one of our guests, Karcsi went to do the shopping by Dinghy. :))

Of course, we made some walking to buy some souvenirs in our shopping tour. After we had finished shopping and we had been getting out of the shop, my Darling phoned in order to need to leave the fishing port because somebody didn’t like that we were there. An old man called the police and they took away his passport and the ship’s documents as well. It was ‘super’. By the time we had returned, we had to go back to the big port from where we left originally.It was about 10 p.m.,and we moored back to the river wall which we didn’t like. We were waiting a bit, I was trying to use the radio, but there was no answer… I was trying to contact the asigns by phone, then suddenly a police car appeared by the ship and two officers got out of the car. They brought back the documents, then they had us pay for two nights because of nothing. We were laughing ironically on this funny place. It is incredible what can happen. We couldn’t believe that in these big cities the quality of service is so shitty…I could mention Naples where we had similar experience…

After they had left, we felt ourselves calm and we were drinking. It was midnight by the time I had took a shower, after it I went to bed and some minutes later my Darling joined me. The night was quiet and calm.. I hope you have the same as well. =)