Good Morning!

Today is mostly spent on great cleaning and waiting ..

Transfer has been done, so that my guests won’t disappear when they arrive.

For Breakfast we had omelette with tea. This port is very pleasurable ,we like being here. My Darling is tyding outside and packing , we are inside with Dani. Cleaning is going on and  it is noon already…

We continuously keep the contact with our guests by phone who got the airport separately and their only task  was to find each other. Two of our three guests are friends and they arrived at the airport of Liszt Ferenc together , our special guest is  Gergő Szirmai (who is one of the most famous Hungarian youtube vlogger ) arrived alone.

According to the news, they are all fine , but they haven’t met yet.  Drinking and great fun at the airport. Meanwhile, we finish arranging the ship and being tired ,we sit down to have latening lunch 16:00, phone is ringing. There is a little problem .. our friends mistook the departure because according to the announcement,two flights took off to Malaga at the same time . Thus they missed the flight and stuck there with their all luggage .

Our  vlogger got on the plane succesfully,yet because our guests didn’t talk to each other so this marvelous situation evolved. Replanning. At the moment the situation is that both of them will join to us few days later. They try to get on again and get to Malaga. 😀  Till then, we are waiting for them in Motril.. anyway, we have quite windy weekend, furthermore we have plenty of tasks online and offline as well… Well,the time was nearly perfect. :)) We should see ,every cloud has a silver lining.

21:30, phone is ringing. Gergő is already here.

We are very pleased ,glasses and a bottle of whisky come up .:))

During hours we tell each other stories, later the Xbox.. this is great thing among the boys. The new Xbox one is terribly exciting and the coolest game. We must show everything Gergő and have to try it right now!! About 02:30 a.m. I took a shower and maybe by 3:00 a.m. they went to bed too. Next day we had slept until we wanted .


I summerize the two days because you believe or not ..we spent almost the whole day in front of the screen. Since we have to do most of the tasks  (blog, vlog, insta) online.. not to mention cutting of the videos. In short, we had a very “energetic” day. I went do the shopping the most necessary things , my Darling made lunch for the team.  Of course, before all Dani got a whole chicken which he had to prepare to soup and main course. He had a difficulty in doing it ,that’s why he gave up it 40 minutes later.  He hardly dared to touch the chicken. 😀 It was worth seeing the disgust in his face when at last he touched it. I made some videos of him .. which of course I won’t upload because it would hurt him.

After all, my Darling took over the control and made the chicken soup, chicken breast-drumstick and  game with french fries for lunch. :)) The guy is very neat,isn’t it? HE IS MY HUSBAND!

Meanwhile, Gergő had a call because he had left his passport and wallet in the taxi yesterday:D How it is possible ?? The good news is that the taxi driver is very decent and he is going to bring it him to the port.

We spent most of the afternoon typing ,in the evening we watched a cool Hoolywood film ,we laughed a lot on it. Today we went to bed late,but earlier then yesterday. Tomorrow we will be here  in the port and we are waiting for the others. Maybe we will be able able to end everything until this time concentrating to have some experience!

Day 3

It is 9:30 a.m., pleasant waking up.. everybody got up nearly at the same time. Danika have to be lauded because he was very skilly and he had washed the dishes before having served the breakfast for everybody.  The boys ate muesli , me had some biscuits with tea. :)) Danika made lunch as well which was Bud Spencer’s bean with onion!
After lunch, I started to bake sour cherry -poppy-seed cake. This is an adventurous story because on Sunday I started to prepare it,but I noticed that we haven’t got any vanilla pudding powder.. well, I would have needed it so I could get it next day (today) although it was not powder. Never mind, it was very delicious and in the evening everybody ate up it. In the evening the program was playing and drinking. The company went to bed early and broadly we could relax  after these very long and tiring days. :DDDD


I can’t remember when I slept so well…I woke up so rested. We had scrambled eggs for breakfast ,then we started working . Gergő had to make video till then me and my Darling did the shopping in order not to disturb the recording. Meanwhile, Dani was working in his bedroom. Two of our lost “lamb” will arrive this evening, to celebrate it ,we bought plenty of drink and food including snacks. By the time we had got back to the deck ,Gergő was ready. We started to make lunch.
After lunch ,we all four tanked the ship. Since petrol station was only beside the river wall in the middle of the port.. we were afraid that there was not enough amount of petrol for the ship. Thus my Darling found out to bring gas oil in 25-litre cans into the deck. We succeeded tanking by hand and all in all, 160 litres petrol was tanked into our Kundalini . :))
About 4 p.m. we ckecked our guests so that they could catch their flight and thank goodness ,they could whithout any trouble. :))

Have a nice evening .