The team woke up at 8 a.m. and we didn’t hurry the breakfast…..Mum and Dani packed everything to a luggage and prepared to start. I pulled the bedclothes down ,arranged the laundry and me and Mum went to buy the necessary things for the journey in Spar.:)(biscuits,water) Underway we passed along the Christmas fair where there was fish market as well now.Fortunately,I can’t attach here smell ,but I took some photos. No comment.

After walking and buying the most necessary things,we returned to the ship where Dani and Darling finished discussing just now and then we had lunch together. Some time left ,at midday a taxi came whom I caught with Mum during walking.:) We said goodby and they started to the airport of Marseille. Poor dear,they will get home very late today because they are going to change plane and just from there they are going to Pest. Then Dani and Mum drove to Halas and he will get home at night. I hope Dani will get home hurtlessly! Lots of kiss! It was quiet on the board,but now we don’t mind because we have to deal with lots of things. I have to learn the rule of the road as well!  Our first task was making calculation. I called the next 5 ports to know how much money a night is and whether they would have any place for us. I went into action to ask everything in French that I didn’t realise I called a Spanish port.:D Because we haven’t had Spanish Water Pilot book yet, so I could plan just only this much in advance. After all,me and Tomi brought the laundry to the other side of the port by dinghy and then went to the laundromat on foot.

Usual project….I don’t write down either.We were sitting there for an hour and were watching videos on the internet.:)) When we finished there ,returned to the ship and made the food inventory. We went to the other side of the port by dinghy,he proceeded to look around,we walked to Spar. IMG_9564 We did the shopping then wento to the bakery. Today is full of excitement.:D Walking back to the ship then we tidied. I hoovered,changed the bedclothes ,tidied,Tomi started to make dinner which potato soup and pasta with poppy-seed is. Darling ate tripe.:DDD That’s all. It is 6.30 p.m., I have lots of leeway,so I will write and arrange my things on the computer as well. In he evening I am going to practice the rule of the road after dinner,then I will probably be very tired…however I would watch a movie at last .You can recommend some in comment! Thanks.:)