At 7:45 a.m. the alarm clock rang ,but I didn’t adjourn to the other room to stop it…Tomi was getting to be in dispair where me and Darling were.:) Well, last night there was a party on the neigbour ship and we went to the cabin in the other side. Although at midnight I asked them to soften the music, in principle they did and invited us to join to them.:D French people are cool. Finally, Tomi stopped the ringing on my phone in the morning. Around 8 a.m., we got out of the bed and pulled our finger out. Tomi made us breakfast and then we dressed up to leave. I had to go to the office to give the key of the port’s door back and get our safety deposit money back . While Darling tidied the ship outside,Tomi brought me round to this trip.:) We returned,inside the ship packed everything where they can not fell off then I checked out of the port.

At 9:30 a.m.,we left the coast of Marseille and sailed to the next destination. Huge waves came from every direction ,we fought against them for hours,but it wasn’t so baleful than I had thought before.I took some photos underway and of course at arrival….

Instead of or before lunch we ate one of my favourite childhood chips.:)


The entry of the port is interesting ,we had to sail into the port through a very long (4-metres deep) canal because the water is not deep where else just only at that line. It was sensitive! It is marked off where to go ,but we saw ,unfortunately not everybody understands the signs. This ship balled a cardinal sign up and sank! Later we read that it was not the only one ,but another 6 ships sank as well.


Fortunately,we got the obstacles over and arrived at the port of Napoléon. We saw a man walking by his boat in the water and a kite surfer as well..

….and what I saw at the entrance ,that was very fantastic. Lots of flamingos were standing beside the coast..Of course it can happen here even in winter too because there is a huge National park around the port.:) The scenery is grandiose. I can see my faveurite birds in live,NOT in the zoo….it is NOT everyday…Beautiful!!!!!


After mooring ,we pulled our finger out and me and Darling went to the office to do the paper work meanwhile Tomi served the lunch. We saw cool vehicles!!!and bought the Spanish Water Pilot book as well!!

Within half an hour we finished because Darling looks at each ship where we go …:) We ate potato soup (I ate 2 plates of it as usual)and after lunch didn’t sit down to have a rest either,me and Tomi started to go the closest shop.:D We didn’t know that we would be walking for more than two hours …but it worthed. I met an amazing “white”horse. Later we read that a whole stud live here freely in hte National park.Camargue….

We took a very long walking. We walked through a ghost city…

…by the time we got to the local supermarket where bought the most necessary goods. At the exit there were cute creatures ….I very love little pets.:D


Backwards I slogged along ,maybe we stopped three times by the time we got to the board. I thought until I was awaken ,it wasn’t worth going to bed….I set my shower set and Darling came with me to have a shower. After a pleasing shower and a reviving hair wash,I walked to the ship alone. Darling was already on the board ,I was still searching him at men’s toilet…:DTomi served the hot stuffed cabbage and started to eat the dinner .By 7 p.m.,I had been completely exhausted ,I am writing and I want to practice rule of the road tests as well,so sweet dreams.I will be back tomorrow again….