In the morning we have left this beautiful harbour relatively early and started sailing to our next destination. The sea is calm, the sun is shining….. making sail. :))

The guys are enjoying that at last they are on the sea and the wind can help us today.

We had bellies with mashed potatoes for lunch. :))) The guys are really clever ,I  commend them ! Everybody does well their task. The journey was long a bit so everone had a rest.

The harbour of Marbella looks marvellous regarding phoning .The locals speak English well too…. During speaking via radio it is released that we will have a good place. We moored to the river wall next to the petrol station and I got off to arrange the paper work. Meanwhile the guys brought the ship to our given place ,which is absolutely saved and calm. I very like this place! :))

After I finished, Karcsi (one of our guests) came down for me with his lost passport,then he took me back to the deck and the afternoon’s amuck started. 😀

At first we cleaned then everybody went to somewhere to want. Me and Dani went to the laundromat to wash our clothes ,meanwhile we were doing the shopping in a supermarket  . Dani rented a bike on the coast in the evening and went to Hardrock Cafe to buy pin. This is his mania…. 😀 At that time we were going to sail away next morning. At last we all decided to stay. We wanted to relax and sightseeing next day.

In the evening drinking started and it lasted until early morning ,but I gave up around 2 a.m.  😀 I can’t endure this teenager speed any more ….

Have a nice evening!