It is dawn, only I can perceive from the world. Darling got out of the bed at 5:30 a.m.. He said we would start so early to have enough time to visit the city. 🙂 My honey! By 8 a.m.,we had already been in Pisa ,but I learnt because I heard him announcing our arrival  to the port via radio. He communicated well where to moor. At that time I woke up again. Since I took Neocitran last night that the night passed quite calmly. 🙂 Now I am coughing ,but I get air through my nose. The life is beautiful and we are here in PISA!!!! =) I dressed up, came out of the cabin and made myself tea and baguett with butter and marmelade. I took the vitamins and let’s go to the office to do the paper work and pay.  Around 10 a.m. we could start at last ,but only three of us. Tündi and Attila stayed on the deck to relax. Since there are some cool applications on my mobile,so we could find the bus stop easily.

( can help you everything where to go,when and how to get everywhere. )! After waiting for some minutes the bus came ,we didn’t have cash,but only card ,but nobody ask anything from us . Well, we were travelling free for 20 minutes by bus 010 to the last stop. DSCN0125 We would have had to change there to another bus to take 5 minutes…We were standing at the bus stop ,of course an Indian tourist came to us to ask which bus came to the tower. I didn’t have any time to check ,but a bus came and got on the wrong one. It wasn’t problem because as we noticed that we were moving away the destination,got off. Poor guy stayed on the bus. Maybe he was still wondering in the city . 🙂  However, this 10-minute walking was so good for us because we could discover the area at least.  We had so much exprerience with nice buildings.

I was holding the GPS in my hand and we were found ourselves at the tower at once. It is even nicer live!!

There were swam of tourists, crowd and lots of booby people who were taling photos….I can’t stand ,none of us like the crowd. I couldn’t laugh at lots of idiots who were aping each other . I wanted to leave  as soon as possible. Darling keept my spirits up and took me the part of the park where there was nobody else except us.

He sent the drone up to take some photos of the place in the air. Well,as we know it didn’t work in Rome…I thought it wouldn’t work there either too. Because some security guards or policemen would make me stop to do it ,but it seems this is our day.:) Darling sent the Mavic up so fast into the air that they didn’t have any chance to notice it …only when it landed again. Then a security guard came to us and asked us in Italian if we hadn’t gone over the square to take photos??? Because it isn’t allowed.:D We replied …nooooo! We sent it up just now . 🙂 He believed it and returned to do his work. We were satisfied it succeeded. Just only few people might have so nice photos of leaning tower. 🙂

The whole area is beautiful….

Darling could take 1-2 quite good photos of me, since we were there …..I kicked the tower up. Thanks!


After taking photos ,walked back to have lunch at last. We tried to get out of the crowd of tourists and find a normal (not too expensive) restaurant. Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything nearby that’s why we looked for the bus stop from where we could go back to the port. Meanwhile we saw lots of interesting things ,which I recorded.

Subway guy


I could take some videos of the garbage truck. It is so amazing technology. 😀

The bridge and the river

And it looks  it is autumn here DSCN0114

When we get back, we will look around in the area whether there is some restaurant or bar. We found a small pizzeria where we had lunch in a leisurely fashion. We all got tired . We left Tomi there to have pizza meanwhile we went to buy the most necessary goods. 🙂 It is 4 p.m., again on the deck. Tündi made us French onion soup and Brownie. It is so kind from her ,but we can’t eat even yet. As soon as we had arrived ,they packed and went to the city to look around. 🙂 So let’s do free time activity now. I am writing ,drinking Neocitran and it is possible I will fall asleep. SUCCESS. I feel sick ,am about to go to bed. See you!