The alarm clock rang at 6:45 a.m.,a little after 7  I got up…. Well, today I would have liked to sleep late and it turned out it didn’t worth getting up early. Since the petrol station opens at 9 a.m. and we ran out of gas bottle too,so we have to wait until it opens. Tomi went by Dinghy to get gas ,we stashed the equipment of the ship for the journey. We had already had breakfast by around 7:30 a.m.,we were waiting for only the starting. When Tomi returned ,the boys unmoored the ship at once. We will have a long journey today,  because Dani and Mum will get their destination. For a while everyone was looking around outside, the weather is nice, the sun is shining!

Darling started to train the guys how to set the sail properly , use the ropes,etc…so in this way we lost a little time because of course they muddled. 🙂 Fortunately, Darling took charge in time and we could sail normally towards our destination. It is 1.30 p.m.,I ate a bar of hazelnut chocolate ,some cookies , some pumpkin seeds ,a green apple and an orange ….At least another 3 hours left and just after it Tomi started to prepare the lunch. I threw a bait maybe I will catch fish then Darling threw the another bait too (the bigger one) and we were waiting ,perhaps ….We couldn’t catch anything during the journey ,but we were outside alongside and were relaxing. 🙂 I slept a bit on the deck outside  and instead of  the blanket which is warmed by sunshine.

When we got close to the port ,I called them to arrive. There was free place and help for mooring. It was very risky to enter the entrance of the port because the water isn’t deep enough sometimes and our ship’s depth is over 2 metres… We had to pay attention the signals and equipments! We overcame the difficulties because Darling is a pro. That’s all. We got  a little after 4 p.m. to the port of St.Pierre-des-Embiez. Our aide was wainting until we moored and then he took me with his motorcyclist to the office to do some paper work.

I paid for the night and learnt the most important things…later he took me back to the ship. 🙂

Today is interesting, twice a day I could take photos of Tomi and Dani together in a boat . :))))

After all,Darling and Dani went to buy some bread and meat in the next village. 😀 Their talking about the travelling was marvellous . They were sailing across the waves as if they flew….For me it is familiar feeling that is why I dind’t go.

Meanwhile Tomi and Mum made dinner ,which was lecso with eggs.


Yummy! As soon as the boys had returned with the fresh bread, we sat to eat. After all, Mum made a lot of delicious doughnut!!!!!!! I adore it. 🙂


I was watching videos on the internet until 8 p.m. as a relax and we decided to have a shower in the beautiful local shower room. I packed our bath set and me and Darling started to look around. They have a very good,clean and nice shower room. After all,dani and Mum went to have a shower.It is 10 p.m.,it is the time to go to bed because an another day journey left to Marseille.  Have a nice evening!!!!!!!!