Early waking, the biggest distance is coming together me and my Darling….A tea for each ones with cookies for breakfast. We got out of the port ,the things work as a matter of routine.

Today is cloudy and rainy ,there are not so big waves and the wind is blowing absolutely. My Darling is pulling down the sails and we are sailing on the sea.


I covered myself and fell asleep in the cool air while my Darling was setting the sails. 🙂

Few hours passed in that way ,I had got to eat some chocolate…:D


After the 6-hour sailing,at last we arrived at the port of Sant Carles de la Rápita.


We had to navigate ourselves along a long entry buoy line where there were unequivocal clear borders. I mean there are two ports ,but there is a marina halfway and each of them belong to others. Firstly I tried to  reach the port by phone,but there was no answer ,so I call the other one. They helped us readily to get their port where we could choose willingly where to go in. A very big place was at our service ,it was pleasure to see it. :))

After mooring my Darling started to make lunch ,I went to the office to handle the affairs. 🙂 The guy could not what to do,but he solved the task finally.

In my view this is a nice port,but I wish the sun was shining….

After I handled everything at the captaincy’s,I returned to my husband and the bean with chili and onion was ready slowly. Yummy! It was very tasty.


After lunch we went to find a bakery to get fresh bread for dinner. During the walking we mapped this small charmed village where the time stopped some years ago what we saw. :))) However I found a window where  I could see lots of things in my favourite brand….LOVE MOSCHINO!

Since it is Saturday, lots of things are closed,but are lucky ….Firstly we ate ice cream ,then we found a bakery right now which we had searched and bought fresh baguettes! We walked around the whole village ,then we returned to the deck.

At the entry of the port a seagull was collecting somthing for its nest. It was very funny. 😀

It is 7 p.m.,we are again on the deck . I feel good myself to sit down. I am writing, tidying and the series watching evening starts. 🙂