It is 6:30 a.m.,the clock rings as usual,Darling is getting out of the bed ….I pulled the blanket on myself in order not to hear anything. 🙂 At 7:00 a.m. ,the anchor was up and we were sailing towards our next wonderful Italian destination. My latest memory around 9 a.m. because I woke up again. I looked out of the window and the boys were sitting outside ” in quiet” ( the buzz of the engine overwhelms everything)  in the cold air. I announced that I was awaken and I found out that they had already had breakfast ,they replied  “not yet”. 😀 Great. I made tea ,sliced bread and prepared a light breakfast for us.

Outside it is cold, not only underway. I had to put on heavy clothes in order not to catch cold because anyway  I cough . The sea is rippling very much ,I don’t like sailing at his time because beeing at the bottom of the ship is very bad. Yet I stayed there risking to fell sick rather than catch cold well.  Today’s destination is Portofino and its area. I am phoning a bit to know the possibilities for night. Tomi made delicious cacao “instead of lunch”. After all it followed 2-3-hour uneventful jolt and decided where to stop in the afternoon.  Then at 2 p.m. we arrived at Santa Margherita Ligurie, threw the anchor in the middle of the bay ( the book doesn’t include it is allowed to do it) we were looking around for a while.  The view of a nice little town on the coast can be seen,I am looking forward to discovering it. 🙂

Since the fridge is empty and we haven’t had lunch yet ,so me and Darling discussed to go to do the shopping . We always forget to take egg cup ,today we have left the shopping carriage on the deck … turn we had known ,it would have been good later.!!! The building was so nice in the streets than in a film. This is not the first same wonderful town…. I LOVE IT!

I set in the GPS  where the closest shop is found and across the mountain,after a 10-minute walking we had got Guliver supermarket. 🙂 We did the shopping ,my backpack ,shopping bag and another bag was full of  the goods….It was so hard to carry them,moreover we got lost returning back. Darling was in a tantrum and I didn’t bear well (patiently)this trip wearing waterproof ,heavy coat. It doesn’t mind, it is over.

Rather I upload some interesting,nice  photos,which I have seen today.

We found the port ,put the things on the stairs and Darling walked to the dinghy then he came to pick me up. We paid at the tyre service ,then we sailed back Kundalini. We calmed down here and Tomi started to make dinner ,which was pork chop with mashed potato ( there was onion below it). It was very delicious ,I ate it three times ….you can’t eat enough from it . 🙂

By 8 p.m. I had already been gorged, the blog was written,I had just taken a shower preparing for the night. The crux is the terrible pitching . We thought the sea would be calmer there,but it is not. Sometimes we can’t notice it,another time it is very annoying. We come to grips.

We haven’t cleared up yet that we will start to Genova or stay ,but by morning it will have been found out. 🙂 Sweet Dreams and Good Night without pitching.

I say goodbye with today’s photo, its title: the exhausted young man. 😀